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Hi, I'd like to put in one thread all the improvements (for the Web app) I would really enjoy , in case some of the programmers would like to follow them:

About organizing notes:

- "Select all" in multiple selection menu, why isn't it an option yet?

- "Merge note" with other notes

- Possibility to modify more stacks at once

About visualization and integrations:

- It would be nice, when clicking on a note link from outside the app, someway being authenticated by the app, in this way we could edit the note from there if we need to.


About more general use:

- Export function, to export all notes in xml format and similar.


Thank you on advance

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2 hours ago, Trixytris said:

I'd like to put in one thread all the improvements (for the Web app)

I moved your post to the web forum    
The feedback/requests forum works better if there's separate threads for individual feature request   
Users can then discuss the feature request and indicate support using the vote tool

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