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How to merge Evernote Accounts

Shane D.


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Hi All,

If you have more than one Evernote account, you can use the Evernote for Mac or Windows Desktop application to consolidate all your notes and notebooks into a single account. 

To move notes and notebooks from one account to a secondary account:

1. From any Mac or Windows desktop computer, log into the account that contains notes you'd like to transfer to another account.

  • To do export a notebook, click on Notebooks from the left hand menu
  • To the right of the selected notebook, click on the "..." icon from the Actions column

2. Export your notebooks as Evernote XML (.enex) files from this account and remember which folder or directory you’ve saved it to. All your note contents and tags are saved to this ENEX file.

3. Sign out of the account you've just exported notes from and sign into a secondary account.

4. Import the ENEX (.enex) files into the secondary account.

Imported notes are automatically saved to a notebook titled "Imported Notes." Once imported, you can move or copy to any personal or business notebook. 

We hope you found this information useful and please consider upvoting or reacting to this thread if you found it useful.

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