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Found 44 results

  1. ikepigott

    ios Merging notes on the iPad

    Maybe I am just missing it, but is there a way to merge notes on the iPad?
  2. zazz6000

    Merge notes on web

    Hi there, I am using Evernote on the web through Chrome. I cannot merge any of my notes for whatever reason with the Ctrl+click technique... I used that technique a lot (I know how to do it), but it for whatever reason stopped working for me. When I hold Ctrl, it does not even register and instead just changes between my notes as I click on them. My Chrome browser is up to date which was the most troubleshooting I came up with for a feature that always used to work for me up until recently. . Is there a function on my keyboard aside from Ctrl that should also be used? A setting in Evernote that may have gotten changed? I use Windows 8. I have also tried with Firefox. Thanks for any help
  3. MikeHeath

    Merge Penultimate Notebooks

    I want to merge whole notebooks and move pages from one notebook to another one. Can I do this in Penultimate?
  4. The ability to merge Notes on Android Wouldbe useful. I don't have access to internet on a computer yet use my Android all the time.
  5. Evernote shows the context of notes at the base of the note. This is a nice feature when it shows related notes. Sometimes those related notes are very similar captures of the same note. It would be nice to be able to merge them directly from there.
  6. Thomas Kuehn

    Merge Multiple Notes

    The feature to merge multiple notes would be a great addition to the iOS and web surface. This feature is handy in the desktop application. Additionally, it would be great if the following features could be added for merging on all platforms: Currently, in the Evernote for Mac app merged notes are sorted in the same order as they are listed. I would love to merge in the order I have selected them. An example: There are three notes A, B, and C, with A being on the top and C is on the bottom of the selection. The current behavior is that no matter how I select them the order of the merged note will be A, B, C. I would like to select as a first note B, then C, and last A. The preferred order now would be B, C, A. Additionally, the new merged note contains in the top line only the link of the first note.
  7. I am new to Penultimate and noticed that a separate notebook is automatically made using Penultimate App instead of Evernote. Is it possible to use (merge) just one notebook (For this purpose - My Main Inbox) for all notes captured including those coursed through Penultimate?
  8. sourceenergy

    How to unmerge notes

    I merged 19 notes into one thinking I could get a reasonable format to print out. Turns out it puts all notes with a picture on a separate page. I didn't want that, so I want them back in their original format. Can anyone help?
  9. Please create the ability to batch notes and move them into a notebook while using an iPad or iPhone. Similarly, create the ability to merge notes on this platform. If these were created, I would be able to travel with just an iPad Pro and no computer.
  10. I've combined 144 notes into 1 note. By combining them, I thought it would be a "new" not and the originals would still exist. How canI undo it and have the seperate notes again.
  11. Upgrading to the newest version,, causes issues with the merge. They go from horizontal to vertical. AND it goes back and changes all the old notes. WHAT A PAIN! I have emailed support, thought I would try here also to see if anyone has a fix. 2017-06-02 11_14_09-Business Notebooks - rltidd@tidd27.pdf
  12. I've been a paid-up user for 6 years. But tonight I just merged four important notes. Evernote disappointed me again. It screwed them up. my notes are now unusable and more frustratingly there is no "undo " option. I really can't wait to discover an alternative and tell Evernote to go and ***** themselves ! x This is a portion of my note ; Thanks ! 80045 88 21292 40 80045 88 21292 40 1080L D 7752 5676 2076 32292 1404 4320 05 0 00 0 00 0 00 0 00 0
  13. Is it possible to merge notes in reverse order: oldest at the top, most recent at the bottom? My workflow: 1. Capture slides from a webinar in Skitch 2. In Skitch change notebook -> Work 3. Merge webinar notes together However, no matter how I select them, they're merged in the order top down most recent to least recent. I'd like to have them arranged chronologically: earliest slide at top, most recent at bottom. Possible? Thanks.
  14. Evernote for web is not allowing me to select two notes to merge them. I have tried to ctrl-click and shift click and nothing is working.
  15. Jeanbean


    ON MAC COMMAND 'CLICK' does NOT work. I cannot select multiple notes according to the help page directions. Also why do I have to continuously sign in to evernote everytime it's opened in a new tab (the web page not the app evernote) Also where the heck is the Help > Activity Log? don't see it, it's not on the page... re: Mac In the menu, go to: Help > Activity Log... Click the 'Save As' button to save the log as a file on your computer Attach this file to a new support ticket or in reply to an existing support ticket email
  16. Araconan

    About Merging Notes

    So I have two questions regarding merging notes: 1. Is there a way for me to choose the order of the merged notes? For example, if I'm merging two notes, (let's call them A and can I somehow have the merged note display the content from B, before the content from A? So just to further clarify, if note A said "Hello!" and note "B" said "Greetings!", how do I get the merged note to say: Greetings! Hello! Instead of: Hello! Greetings! 2. For some reason, whenever I merge two notes, if say it displayed note A's content first and then note B's, the title of note B is in like really gigantic letters, within a blue box. (See attached image) Is there a way to avoid that? (not display note B's title for example)
  17. ScottMicale

    Merge notes in IOS or Web

    Since I am only allotted 1 device now to use Evernote on with my base plan how do I merge notes since my primary device is my iPhone. I use the web based interface on the desktop. Neither from what I can tell allow me to merge notes. Thanks, -Scott
  18. Diamond Dog

    Merge tags

    Hi there. Love Evernote, especially how easy and fast it is to search for notes based on tags. I'm missing some kind of tag management though. I have over 1,000 notes and a lot of tags, often entered in a hurry. I end up with multiple tags that are kind of similar. I want an easy way to reduce the number and variation of my tags. For example, I go to the Tags view, select "Email campaign", "email list", "Email lists", "Email marketing", and I want to replace all tags with one called, let's say, "Emails". Ideally I would right-click and select Merge Tags, but no such option exists. I have to do it manually, which annoys me, so I don't do it, which reduces my satisfaction in working with the tool. Thanks for considering this (or another better) idea for managing tags.
  19. Just installed new version 6.0. Disappointed to see still no reciprocal of the merge function to allow one to split a note into many notes. My reason for wanting this (and I'm sure I'm not alone!) is my collection of long documents from other info-management sources, that I would love to split into multiple smaller documents. For example, using syntax not unlike that in the email forwarder, one could start a newline with "%" followed by the note title, and then with the @notebook and #tag coding. This would be a real life- and data-saver, allowing me to rescue tons of data that is sitting in a moribund format. (askSam). It would be much easier to insert these delimiters rather than cut and paste. Please consider this as a very useful addition to the already very useful program. Thanks.
  20. tim-tam

    merging notes

    i would really appricaite if the notes would be merged like OneNote does: Example: I am using Evernote on Windows and on my iphone I have orginized my daily to do's in one note When I go offline on my laptop for a train ride and edit some notes AND editing some note on my iphone before my laptop is online again, the iphone notes hit (kill) the laptop notes and all train ride changes are gone. that sucks :-(. they are not listed in a change log. they are gone! I would like to have an conflict protocoll or stuff like this, if an note is changed on different divices in case evernote will not offer a merge feature
  21. Evernote Windows. Most recent build. I pick two notes to merge. Click merge. Old notes disappear. New note appears--made of most recent note AND it now has TWO scrollbars on the right hand side in said notes window. Leftmost scrollbar moves the note up and down a little. Rightmost scrollbar does nothing when you move it. WTF????
  22. Is there any way to turn off the formatting that puts the giant letters and blue band into notes when you merge them? It gets really annoying when you don't want to change the formatting you have, and I haven't figured out a way to automatically set things to what they were before the merge happened. Thanks!
  23. Does exist any way to merge several notes without these annoying links?
  24. This is driving me crazy. Each time I create a new note it automatically attaches a PDF. In fact, every single note that I ever created now includes this PDF attachment. This is wrecking everything for me. But the first problem I need to fix is this: How do I create a clean new note? Something without any attachments whatsoever? Appreciate, greatly, any help.
  25. We do a lot of note merging for our business. Just wondered why in the world the automatic text size is 28 point! Between the text and the colored bar it takes up a lot of wasted space. Should be a setting in evernote to change this, but I have been unable to find it. If the setting cannot be changed, this should be a fix.