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Clipper had long lag in windows V10

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One of the most important aspects of my workflow in EN (windows) is to use the clipper to clip directly to my Inbox.  Generally this involves Prt-Scr  which brings up the clipper.  At this point I have the option to simply clip whatever I want and have it go directly to my inbox.   With the previous version these clips used to appear immediately in the inbox and I could then annotate, merge and deal with them immediately.  With the new version this does not happen.   When I do a clip I do not see anything appearing in my inbox for at least 15 minutes.  This means that I no longer know for sure if my clip has gone to my inbox, and I can't work on them as I used to.  Now I have to clip it and manually paste it into a new note.  This is much more cumbersome than clipping on the fly.  It's affecting my workflow since I used to be able to look through articles and websites while randomly clipping anything I wanted and knowing for sure that they were going to my inbox.  Has anyone figured out a way around this?

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 AFAIK the prior version (which is still available as legacy client) clips local content to local database.

With v10 the clip goes to the EN server, and needs to sync from there to your computer.

Probably the easiest fix is to install the legacy client, and work as you were used to work:


Legacy can be installed and used side by side with v10.

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Yes, I've verified that the behavior carries over to anything that requires a direct sync.  For example, in the Legacy version when I save a pdf file to Evernote, it arrives instantly into my inbox.  Seeing it copied over in real time reassures me that it was correctly transferred.  With the new version I save it to Evernote and then have no idea if it actually went through.  In fact, even as I'm posting this complaint I keep looking at EN on my other screen and I can see that the file has not yet appeared.  If I step away for a half an hour and return, I will probably see it in the inbox.   Even closing and re-opening the program does not seem to force a sync.  I would go so far as to say that this is a deal breaker for me personally (even though I've used EN for 10-12 years).  My workflow involves the constant saving of pdfs, xcel spreadsheets and other documents into EN on a daily basis.  Not knowing what has transferred over and not being able to manipulate those files/notes is a major issue.  I will keep Legacy for now and see if this changes in v10 over time.

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No easy fix for this when using v10. Think of v10 as an app running inside of an invisible web browser. It depends on relaying und receiving information to and from the internet. The best client for offline use out of the v10-range is currently the iOS v10 client.

Or install legacy, which does the job based on a local database.

Just out of curiosity: How fast is your internet connection ? Is it by air, or through cable ?

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