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check box when making a reminder

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My question is not just for Android it was a feature in windows as well.    In the old ever note when I made a reminder Evernote created a Check box.

I could easily make a To list and a list of Calendar events

In android when I opened Evernote this was what I saw so I could easily see what is going on.

Will this come back ??

 See below.


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9 hours ago, rrojo62 said:

I know they are there but it's not the same functionality.

It used to add the Check box to the note vs making a check box IN the note

I assume you mean the tick that appears when you hover over the box to the left of the note title


As far as I can see you now have to go into each individual note from the reminders list and mark it as done.

On 3/23/2021 at 12:49 AM, rrojo62 said:

Will this come back ??

Probably not, but tasks (currently in beta) will!

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