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where is the manual sync button



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Hey everyone,

This is my first time ever posting to a forum like this - and really the first time I've meaningfully used a forum for a technical issue.  But, I'm about to throw Evernote out the window!  Ever since they took away the sync button I'm getting copies of any notes that I have open on more than one device. When this first happened it seemed to happen occasionally, but I swear it's happening every day and every time now.  It makes it nearly impossible to work.  I'm having to be super careful about closing documents - and can generally do that. But, I keep a running TO DO list that I reference many times a day.  The problem is so bad that I'm starting to email myself notes rather than put them in Evernote, because if I have it open on my laptop or iPad and update my phone..... duplicate note.  SOMETIMES it even feels like I get duplicate notes if I close Evernote down - which I'm starting to try to remember to do every time I use it (I close it on my laptop and swipe it from the cache on my phone).  I've probably sent feedback 1/2 dozen times to Evernote through the app - but I'm starting to lose my mind and the piece of mind that Evernote gave me.  I love this app and want to use it - but it's so much harder now that I don't have control over the syncing. (For the record, I used to just have a habit of syncing every time I entered something and before I moved on.... I NEVER EVER had a problem with a duplicate note.) 

Has anyone figured out how to NOT get duplicate notes and/or have some high-up connection at Evernote I can plead my case to?

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