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  1. Oh snap! It seems to work on the laptop to phone syncing, but not the phone to laptop syncing. The phone app doesn't have a help -> troubleshooting option
  2. Hey Pink Elephant! This is brilliant! In English and on a PC, click Help, then Troubleshooting, the Force Reload. The shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-R. I haven't had a chance to see if it really prevents duplicates, but you know I'll be checking this out! This is especially surprising because I actually did eventually email with a real, live person at Evernote (after emailing my logs to them) who was really empathic and said they knew this was a problem and were working on it. She never mentioned this little hack!
  3. It doesn't seem to matter if it says "All changes saved or not" - and that message doesn't appear on the iPhone or iPad apps. It's just a hot mess! I know the downsync problem too.
  4. I feel like I've noticed the sync issue being not quite as bad - *maybe* a little better IF I'm working on my laptop (Dell) and going to my iPhone or iPad (but it's definitely terrible the other way around or between the two Apple devices). By a tiny bit better, I mean a TEENY TINY bit better. Maybe it's mis-syncing 5 times a week rather than several times a day. This might be because I've gotten more careful: I try to refresh each of my devices before I switch devices (read: I'm trying to find workaround and manually sync myself). But, this workaround is by far not foolproof - note my syncing issues still happen at least every day. DEAR EVERNOTE: YOUR NEW AUTOSYNC SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING AND NOT MAKING USERS HAPPY. Either give us control over the syncing process or guarantee that the background sync works instantaneously. Imagine the followin scenariog: You're trying to catch up by typing notes into the Evernote app on your laptop. Someone walks in for a meeting. You close your laptop and pick up your iPad to take notes in Evernote. And you are NOT WORRIED that your work won't be there, because of course it is; Evernote would never put something out there that doesn't do this. I assume Evernote cannot work like GoogleWorkplace because it's a different kind of application. I assume Evernotecan't work like Apple products because it has to work across platforms. Therefore, I come to the very logical conclusion that Evernoteneeds to make sure that users can ensure their data moves from one device to another by giving them the power to manually sync so we do not have duplicate or lost notes. Please do your continued autosync beta testing with a group of willing volunteers and give the rest of us back the manual sync button so we don't go crazy. I WILL NOT be recommending Evernote to anyone until this is solved. I don't care how many new bells and whistles you put out.
  5. I am very new to posting in forums - but I just started a post on needing the manual sync button back. I've sent feedback through the app several times. I'm at my wits' end! The problem seems to be getting worse and worse. I have duplicate notes all the time. I can't figure out the trick to have that note happen - closing the app on one device before opening the other? Nope. Leaving it open and then not adding anything on the other device all night (to give it time to sync)? Nope. I really can't figure it out. And, if there was an alternative program/app I'd totally use it. I've been 100% happy with Evernote since I started using it - and now I'm pulling my hair out. HELP!
  6. Hey everyone, This is my first time ever posting to a forum like this - and really the first time I've meaningfully used a forum for a technical issue. But, I'm about to throw Evernote out the window! Ever since they took away the sync button I'm getting copies of any notes that I have open on more than one device. When this first happened it seemed to happen occasionally, but I swear it's happening every day and every time now. It makes it nearly impossible to work. I'm having to be super careful about closing documents - and can generally do that. But, I keep a running TO DO list that I reference many times a day. The problem is so bad that I'm starting to email myself notes rather than put them in Evernote, because if I have it open on my laptop or iPad and update my phone..... duplicate note. SOMETIMES it even feels like I get duplicate notes if I close Evernote down - which I'm starting to try to remember to do every time I use it (I close it on my laptop and swipe it from the cache on my phone). I've probably sent feedback 1/2 dozen times to Evernote through the app - but I'm starting to lose my mind and the piece of mind that Evernote gave me. I love this app and want to use it - but it's so much harder now that I don't have control over the syncing. (For the record, I used to just have a habit of syncing every time I entered something and before I moved on.... I NEVER EVER had a problem with a duplicate note.) Has anyone figured out how to NOT get duplicate notes and/or have some high-up connection at Evernote I can plead my case to?
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