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Does it mean if I am a premium user of Evernote, I will have my files forever, even after cancelling premium version?

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I have about 10GBs of hosting, and what if I am using this monthly 10GBs at full, does it mean that I will have all my files after, for example, turning back to basic version of Evernote? 

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There may be one other problem mainly concerning large notes. A Basic note can have 25MB max, a Premium one up to 200MB. You will be able to download and view it, but any edits will not save. And editing can rapidly consume your 60MB upload limit, because the whole note will upload, not only the 3 words you altered.

So notes to use often should be kept small with Basic - best is text only.

This reflects the current situation-the Basic plan can be altered by EN any time, as it has happened in the past already.

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