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Penultimate needs improving



I am trying to go paper free using Penultimate for note taking.

Some features are missing:

  1. Within Penultimate, rearrange pages freely, not only within the same note but also between different notes and notebooks.
  2. When visualizing the Penultimate notes on Evernote (read only) the page numbers do not show up, and it's not possible to jump to a given page. This makes the note hard to use as you need to scroll down until you find what you want, and you don't have page numbers to guide you.


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I started using Penultimate in 2013. And really loved it. I've been very disappointed to see that this app hasn't been updated, it seems an orphan side product. I'd love to move on, but I am still a paid Evernote user, still love that app, and i have too many (over 500) documents in Penultimate that I continue to maintain. It would be a long project to break away. 

I wish the good people at Evernote would make a statement, either "Hang in there, we have some improvements coming" or "Sorry, PE has reached its end of life". No new support"

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+1 for Evernote adding better integration of hand-written notes.  I am not sure how far down the priority list this is, as they have a lot of things to fix before getting there and based on the lack of any activity on Penultimate in recent years, think they may be better off out-sourcing this with better integrations in existing leading apps like Goodnotes and Notability.

Personally, I use and love Goodnotes. When a handwritten note is finished and ready to be "saved" I export it to Evernote and move the note to a folder in Goodnotes indicating it has been archived.  This is great for searching and finding notes, but not so great for active notes that may have supporting info in Goodnotes and Evernote.

With a recent update, Goodnotes added a feature for sharing links to specific notes, and it would be great if an integration could be built between Goodnotes and Evernotes to take advantage of this.  Already you can "sync" your Goodnotes to Dropbox where it will save PDF copies in the folder structure where they exist in Goodnotes.  It would be great if a corresponding Evernote were created for each Goodnotes file, containing the current version of the PDF and a link to open it in Goodnotes where it can be edited.


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