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(Archived) New Doc Scanner app limited by Evernote SDK


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There's a new document scanner app available for android called CamScanner (http://goo.gl/5WRK) that allows for batch uploading to Evernote.

I ran into a problem when uploading a bunch of PDF's that were only 1.8mb in size and I was getting errors that the file was to large (for Evernote). When I emailed the developers about this (http://www.intsig.com) they said that Evernote doesn't have/doesn't support the Android SDK (sorry, I'm not a programmer) and the problem was with limitations in Evernote.

Could you guys PLEASE contact this developer and get them officially on board with your software (via Trunk perhaps) so that their amazing scanner app can finally work with Evernote. This has been the only doc scanner app that allows batch uploading (so you can scan 10 receipts and send them to Evernote all at once instead of one by one) and it really makes Evernote shine.


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I would recommend you to use our new Android2.0 client.

You can download it from Android app market.

If you still see issues then send us logs directly from the Evernote app.

Start Evernote app -> Home screen -> option menu settings -> send logs



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When I share a file (picture of receipt) from Camscanner, The file is added to evernote. The file is not displayed as a picture in evernote, but is displayed with the image name on a selection button. When I select the image button it will display lines of garbage text and not an image. If I share the page from Camscanner with another note program (Catch), the image is displayed perfectly in Catch.

Build:110076 version:2.0.1b1 on EVO4g

Edit: It will display the file correctly if I upload the file from evernote as a file attachment.

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There is a problem from camscanner when they "shared" thier embedded image. For now, a quick way to get their image (or pdf) is to use upload attachment or emailing to your Evernote account. They have all the images store under \camScanner for pdf or \camScanner\.image for your images.

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When I send to evernote (or share the .pdf file) a picture from Camscanner, the file is shown in evernote (on Android) as .pdf file on a selection button. When I select that button it will display lines of garbage text and not the .pdf file.

However in Evernote for Windows selecting the button from this same note opens the .pdf file in Acrobat reader without problems.

This would indicate that the .pdf file in Evernote is ok, so why does it not opens correctly on Android ?

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