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PDF won't change between notes

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I'm seeing a strange issue with Evernote Web. When I open a note with a pdf in it I can click on the pdf to view it in the browser. However, if I then click into another note that old pdf still stays in the note window even though a different note should be pulled up. 

Any tips?

I'm using:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Brave Browser (very similar to Chrome)
  • Windows 10


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I have the same issue and have had it for quite a while - I can't switch from one note to the next on Evernote Web. The first note I select usually freezes it, and even if I click on other notes in the notebook, it stays on the first one I selected.

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No issue for me.When I change to another note, it switches over.

Do you use the new version of the web client  (account settings, account information, Evernote web) ?

You could try to go to your account settings, personal settings, web client and uncheck the option v10+. Some of the newer features may not display then, but it can influence other features positively. You just need to find out what works for you.

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