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  1. I'm seeing a strange issue with Evernote Web. When I open a note with a pdf in it I can click on the pdf to view it in the browser. However, if I then click into another note that old pdf still stays in the note window even though a different note should be pulled up. Any tips? I'm using: Adobe Acrobat Brave Browser (very similar to Chrome) Windows 10 Nick
  2. Honestly, the windows client isn't much better. I'm using a Surface Pro 4 and a Mac Book Pro with 16gb of ram. No other programs struggle including Visual Studio, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I am a LONG time evermore fan and paid user. The systems have been getting worse over the past two years and I'm to the point where I have to write the notes in Notepad and copy them over to evernote.
  3. I've noticed that over the years the web product (and windows desktop) products have become slower and slower to use. It might be related to the number of notes I have but it has caused all tasks to take just a little too long. If I try to open a note it takes just long enough for me to almost forget what I'm doing. (insert sarcastic comment about being old) Or it takes so long to add/remove a tag that I go off to another tab. Overall the performance of the tools is becoming frustratingly slow and I would appreciate some attention on this issue. Anyone else noticing that it's not as fast
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