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Special characters being inserted into notes in 10.6.9-Win

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I stop code snippets in Evernote as references and I have found that when I try to copy and paste these code snippets out to use them since the 10.6.9 update, they are filled with hidden "special characters" that  cause my compilers to fail. 

For instance, this note with some code in it looks fairly normal:


But it is in fact full of hidden special characters that look like this when I paste it into a normal text editor:


So all the code I have saved in Evernote notes has been destroyed by this and using "Remove Formatting" or "Simple Formatting" doesn't help. I've even tried searching and replacing all those odd characters with spaces in a text editor and then pasting back into Evernote; but it still reinserts the special characters every time. 

I even tried inserting the cleaned up code (special characters removed) as a Code Block, but Evernote keeps adding back in the special/control characters! 

Is this something that has been newly introduced and is there a way I can somehow save my notes so that it doesn't store these odd characters in them!





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  • Evernote Expert

My guess is that you have copied the original code from another source and then pasted it into a note.  Still guessing, the additional characters are coming with the copy/paste process.

My normal approach is to paste with other than astandard Ctrl+V.  There isn't an option to paste with the formatting 'Keep Text Only'.  To strip errant code I typically paste into a text editor then copy out of the editor into the desitination program - such as Evernote.

These are the Android forums so I'll leave it there and perhaps you can move the question to where there are others who might be more knowledgeable.

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  • 8 months later...

I have the same issue. I found a workaround.

You will need to fix manually one by one of your code snippets.

You need to identify them as Code Block.

Go to your left upper and insert a code block.

Then fix your code and paste it back to evernote.

Once it is flagged as code block it will work as it used to.


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