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Uploading pdf to Evernote

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Previous edition, just select pdf, drag and drop on evernote done.

today 2021-01 try the same procedure , get a red sign something goes wrong, sorry and that’s it.

have to import pdf one by one , if I send them by mail the notebook where they go are random chosen.

in short, from a proper filing cabinet, evernote is changing itself to an unreliable shoe box wher papers stack as the like.

more of yo have the same issues with evernote.

evernote please back to the old version, which worked well. Continue like this without solving the problems and it is the end of evernote.



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I am also very disappointed with the development of evernote the last couple of years. I tried the new version on windows but had a lot of issues with PDFs:

- Annotating PDFs with my Lenovo pen not working. On every attempt the tool annotated all over the PDF and then chrashed.  My pen works perfectly in every other note taking app including onenote, google keep and samsung notes. 

- PDF annotation summaries suddenly turned upside down - but looked correctly in the old version

- Imported PDF files with annotations would turn up empty. But I can see the annotations in the thumbnail - and also in the old version of evernote

- PDF annotation summaries showing the annotations but the background (the text) was missing

- PDF annotation view often freezes for no obvious reason

Wanted to try the new Android version but to this date only the old version is available on Google Play - last update was june.....  (my phone is running android 10).

I tried to contact support a number of times but everytime it just seemed like they wanted to stall solving the issue by asking me to send pdf-files, screen recordings etc. 

Once evernote was the most reliable note taking app that just worked but unfortunately those days are gone.  Just bought one year of premium but decided to drop evernote for onenote. 

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Maybe - but they won’t tell ...

Official feedback from EN is rarely happening. Forum users who are employed by EN are marked with STAFF in their forum profile.

If you want an official reaction, issue a support ticket. If you want to send them a message without an answer, use the new feedback-feature build into the new clients. They have promised to read them all, and pass them on to product management.

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I am a heavy evernote user, for the past 10 years. Around me a lot of collega’s use it as well, we share a lot of sailing articles , recipes and other information , as well as running the company for paper to be kept.


lately evernote becomes unreliable, if evernote does not sort its problems soon, we will all transfer to other notekeepers.

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