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  1. I have the premium version of EN.  I was under the impression that if I dragged a PDF into EN I would be converted and then able to search on it.  I have imported a typed PDF letter and it is not searchable. what am I missing?

  2. I am a heavy evernote user, for the past 10 years. Around me a lot of collega’s use it as well, we share a lot of sailing articles , recipes and other information , as well as running the company for paper to be kept. lately evernote becomes unreliable, if evernote does not sort its problems soon, we will all transfer to other notekeepers.
  3. Does evernote read the forum
  4. Previous edition, just select pdf, drag and drop on evernote done. today 2021-01 try the same procedure , get a red sign something goes wrong, sorry and that’s it. have to import pdf one by one , if I send them by mail the notebook where they go are random chosen. in short, from a proper filing cabinet, evernote is changing itself to an unreliable shoe box wher papers stack as the like. more of yo have the same issues with evernote. evernote please back to the old version, which worked well. Continue like this without solving the problems and it is the end of evernote.
  5. The previous version of evernote , my files would TomTom my start up notebook, as well as my Emails, scanned documents would go there as well. now the go to any notebook, on the Mac I cannot set the preferred notebook, and set in on iOS it does not work properly. please go back to the drawing board , give us back ourprevious lease and work further on your apps. YOU MIGHT LOOSE US
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