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Evernote for OSX completely broken!

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I can create new blank notes, can't edit or do anything with them. When I select an existing note, the thumbnail appears on the left, but the main (right) window is blank!). I can't believe that even the incompetent morons at EN could release a totally non- functional update, but they have. I'm sure they're planning to fix it, but if it's like the Search function, it could well be a few years. Is now finally the last straw for some of us?

O yes, by the way, why is this forum completely hidden now? Fortunately I had saved a bookmark in my browser or I never would have found it. Maybe just too many serious complaints here going on for YEARS unfixed?

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2 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Are you posting in the right forum ?

On which version are you actually running ? Probably not on 7.14.

How to find the "hidden" forum - it is right on the evernote.com home page:


I don't know what version it is because when I clicked on the About option in the OSX version, a blank box shows up. Nor do I see that list at the bottom of my online EN screen, just the totally confusing and unnecessarily complicated new format. 

Edit: I did go back to the homepage you're showing and yes, the forums are listed way way down at the bottom like they're ashamed of them or something. But when you click on it there is another very confusing list which doesn't show most of the forums like they used to be. If I scroll down EVEN FURTHER, there is the proper listing of the forums so there is a link, just very well hidden. 

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The Forum has always been there, so if it was hidden, it was always hidden.

What you get when you click on the "Forum" is a typical "landing page", that is what web designers think is modern today. If you are used to AOL lists of web sites, probably you don't like it. But you can always start to search right away (for the generation Google), or go to the classic view.

Back to your issue: From what you describe your installation is somewhat broken. If you want to fix it, you should do a complete uninstall (use the app AppCleaner, and make sure to tick all program components in the uninstall list), restart the Mac and reinstall. Personally I prefer the direct install, that is the app you get from the EN web site, Download App (see screenshot above, bottom position in left column). The app from the AppStore is identical, but will run in a sandboxed mode.

If you are not sure, you can issue a support ticket.

Another option is to install the prior version of EN (can be done side by side with the new one, or alone):


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Thanks for your reply. I guess I NEVER found it there, must have googled or something to get the link which I saved so I wouldn't have to keep googling it. 

When I opened EN this morning, it was functioning properly again. I did close and reopen last night but it didn't work. O well. 

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