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Unable to Add Multiple Pictures

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I just upgraded from a S7 to an S9 and I can't seem to add multiple pictures to a note. I used to be able to go to my pictures, select multiple and then share to a new evernote note and it would work. It now only adds a single picture. If I go into a note and then try to attach multiple pictures the same thing happens...

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HI.  Immediate work-around suggestion:  create multiple notes and merge them later. Meantime: raise a support ticket (turnaround times seem quicker now) because we're a mainly user-supported Forum and unless someone else with the same phone has some relevant comments,  we're all guessing at fixes.  It never hurts to uninstall / restart / reinstall your app just to make sure it doesn't have some minor glitch,  but if the app is otherwise behaving it seems a lot of effort for little return...

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