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I have been using evernote since 2013.  I have NO IDEA what happened during this update, but the share extension is GONE.  Also, the app has become incredibly bloated.  Im assuming that loading time takes more for people who have been using evernote longer?

THE SHARE EXTENSION IS CRITICAL.  This needs to be addressed.  I do not care about "learning/ knowledge methodologies". I don't need to commit a letter from my daughters school to my long term memory.  

I have allowed evernote to become the HUB of ALL my information.  Its like a life log for me.  Removing features that people rely on HEAVILY, whatever this new "concept" is.  I don't care.  I have paid for this service 9 years.  

I don't want a workaround.  I want the share extension BACK.  I don't want to have to install a legacy version OR a workaround via my evernote email.  I want to be able to locally share a pdf.

THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED NOW.  There are THOUSANDS of users who have commented about JUST how detrimental this has been to their workflow.  

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Im literally at a stand still.  I see people threatening to NOT upgrade because they have been using the free version.  WHAT ABOUT THE US, THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR PREMIUM FOR ALMOST TEN YEARS?  DO WE GET A VOTE?

I have literally given evernote 10 dollars a month for the past decade.  Because the new version is so bloated, I cannot view notes in the mac app.  They just show up blank. 

Everything is always "loading".  I can't even create a new document.  I tried the web app, but due to the amount of notebooks, its still slow and not UI I prefer.

The share feature was critical to my workflow.  

I contacted support and they had me install legacy, delete a folder in application support.  Either way, legacy IS the app I want, but will not be getting any updates.  And the share feature is gone.

I am literally at a stand still.  This has been the HUB of all my information for YEARS and I literally can't do anything.

I thought EVERNOTE would be beyond "workarounds", especially with the amount of backlash.  I could give two flying fudgsicles about the "learning" strategies and philosophy behind NOT just the update, but a complete OVERHAUL that changes the functionality of evernote as a whole.

I mean I basically have to treat Evernote like Lightroom and make sure EVERY SINGLE app and helper is inactive.  The graphics cards are switching and I can literally HEAR just how bloated and useless this has become.

Is their updated philosophy about note-taking WORTH all the users they risk losing?

This apps only remaining use for me is the export feature.  


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