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  1. Im literally at a stand still. I see people threatening to NOT upgrade because they have been using the free version. WHAT ABOUT THE US, THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR PREMIUM FOR ALMOST TEN YEARS? DO WE GET A VOTE? I have literally given evernote 10 dollars a month for the past decade. Because the new version is so bloated, I cannot view notes in the mac app. They just show up blank. Everything is always "loading". I can't even create a new document. I tried the web app, but due to the amount of notebooks, its still slow and not UI I prefer. The share feature was c
  2. I have been using evernote since 2013. I have NO IDEA what happened during this update, but the share extension is GONE. Also, the app has become incredibly bloated. Im assuming that loading time takes more for people who have been using evernote longer? THE SHARE EXTENSION IS CRITICAL. This needs to be addressed. I do not care about "learning/ knowledge methodologies". I don't need to commit a letter from my daughters school to my long term memory. I have allowed evernote to become the HUB of ALL my information. Its like a life log for me. Removing features that people rely
  3. Hi everyone, Ive been using Evernote for as long as I can remember, but Im new to this forum. Anyway, I have a question. About two years ago I created a gmail filter that filters emails from two specific senders to my Evernote email address. From there, it gets dumped into my default notebook and I have to go through the process of selecting the notes and moving them to the proper notebook. Emails from both senders go to the same notebook. I have done some research and while it appears that I can assign a specific notebook or tag when forwarding a single email to Evernote, I canno
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