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Please port iOS Evernote's support for links to Evernote macOS



The editor in iOS Evernote seems to work more like Evernote Legacy in terms of support for links, while macOS Evernote is very picky and seems to only support a limited set of protocols.

For example, if I try to create a link in macOS Evernote, the only supported protocols seem to be http://, https:// and evernote://; if there are others, I haven't found them. However, in iOS Evernote, it seems to support just about anything in the protocol portion of the URL. In addition to the protocols mentioned previously, I regularly use file:// and things:// links . In order to get them to work properly in a note, I will create the link in iOS Evernote. Once the link is created, it behaves as one would expect in both macOS and iOS Evernotes.

I know that the general topic of Evernote 10's support for links has been discussed before, but I wanted to raise the issue again since what seems like the correct support for links is implemented in the editor on one platform, but not on all platforms. That fact alone is very surprising given the apparent goal of converging on common, core components.

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On 3/20/2021 at 11:14 AM, PinkElephant said:

In the forum we discuss issues user to user.

Already tried support on this ?

I did end up contacting them. I was told that this is a feature that they were considering and was directed to the Legacy client.

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