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When I create a long note that runs to many pages can I add a link within that note to take me to another position - hotlinks?

Simon SB

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Hi - I've creating documents many pages long and love the feature that can take you to other notes. What I want to be able to add is a hot link from say page one in a note that will take me to page 8 for example without having to scroll through. Is that possible. Thanks Simon

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Hi.  There's a feature request page for this somewhere - you could add your click to that if you can find it (try a general web search rather than the Forum search bar). 

Otherwise you already know part of the answer... linking to sections is possible,  provided you put your sections in separate notes. 

Simply start a new note for each section with a standard subject - "001 <document title>" and increment the number as you add more sections.  Then search for intitle:<document title> to list all your notes, and sort that list by title.  Create a Table of Content and jump around as you wish. 

(For bonus points you can include a 'home' note link back to the ToC in your sections...)

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I also wish Evernote had this feature!   In my particular case, having to create dozens of individual notes to link to is not a good workflow.  It would be wonderful if I could jump link or anchor link to different sections within 1 note.

I see that Dropbox Paper can do this quite easily.  I am thinking of switching over....and it's free too.

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