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  1. I agree 10000% I spent a couple hours today looking for alternatives. I am moving over to Dropbox Paper. It has jump links + anchor links + collapsible text sections....and it's FREE!
  2. I also wish Evernote had this feature! In my particular case, having to create dozens of individual notes to link to is not a good workflow. It would be wonderful if I could jump link or anchor link to different sections within 1 note. I see that Dropbox Paper can do this quite easily. I am thinking of switching over....and it's free too.
  3. Just to echo this once more...SAME PROBLEM! I think Evernote needs to FIX their software! It's too often stalling / hanging / beachball of death. I'm basically using Evernote as a text editor--no images or large files, just text...the software should really be using almost no CPU or RAM, but instead it's often eating up most of my RAM...so then I have to stop all my work, halt all my progress, and relaunch the program. It's a total pain and really hinders my workflow--which is the OPPOSITE of what evernote should be doing! On top of it I'm paying annually for this "premium
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