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  1. I switched the older Legacy version, which is a superior product! Now I don't have that stupid elephant in my top menu status bar. I can also have multiple notes open in tabs....in their latest version of the software I could not figure out how to have tabs again and spent about an hour trying to find an answer online, then gave up.
  2. I agree 10000% I spent a couple hours today looking for alternatives. I am moving over to Dropbox Paper. It has jump links + anchor links + collapsible text sections....and it's FREE!
  3. I also wish Evernote had this feature! In my particular case, having to create dozens of individual notes to link to is not a good workflow. It would be wonderful if I could jump link or anchor link to different sections within 1 note. I see that Dropbox Paper can do this quite easily. I am thinking of switching over....and it's free too.
  4. Just to echo this once more...SAME PROBLEM! I think Evernote needs to FIX their software! It's too often stalling / hanging / beachball of death. I'm basically using Evernote as a text editor--no images or large files, just text...the software should really be using almost no CPU or RAM, but instead it's often eating up most of my RAM...so then I have to stop all my work, halt all my progress, and relaunch the program. It's a total pain and really hinders my workflow--which is the OPPOSITE of what evernote should be doing! On top of it I'm paying annually for this "premium" software. Thinking about going back to Apple notes...at least they are free and don't grind my laptop to a halt!
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