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(Archived) Favorites / Starred itens aggregation from various sources

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One of the things I miss the most these days is a way to aggregate easily the itens I starred / favorited in several sources, like GMail, Twitter, Google Reader...

So, I guess it would be very nice if Evernote could "capture" all the itens marked with star of favorites from these sources where this is possiblie throught APIs.

I know there are ways of doing these in a longer, with more steppy, ways.

The thing is that sometimes those other options just takes too long, link using this in a mobile phone or wit

Starring / Favoriting itens seens to be an almost universal feature... It's just too messy to go into 5, 6 differente sources to remeber the itens you marked.

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Nice suggestion, but I imagine it would take some doing to implement.

In the shorter term, I would love to see Evernote favorites across platforms. It would be great if something was "starred" on the iPhone app, that it would be marked as a favorite in the Desktop, Web and iPad clients as well. It would be great to have a one-click "show favorites" command prominently displayed in the desktop UI (Yes, I know this can be done with tags and saved searches, but it could be implemented much more elegantly as a dedicated feature).

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