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  1. How? I don't on my Mac and can't add them. The only way is to drag them into the shortcuts area, and that is what I currently do, but this takes a lot of spaces from notes on shortcuts, which I don't like.
  2. I believe one of the biggest improvements that can be made to Evernote without changing much of the product's base is to promote Saved Searches to a "first-class citizen" status, like Notebooks and Tags. After a while, just tags and notebooks are not enough to organize everything, so I rely heavily on saved searches to use Evernote. But the functionality is very hidden and not very intuitive to use. My suggestion would include some things like: 1. Place a "Saved Searches" icon on the sidebar, along with "Notes", "Notebooks" and "Tags" (same hiearchy) 2. Implement a screen to admin saved searches like Tags. Doesn't even need to have hierarchies or anything complicated. Just a place to see a list of saved searches, create a new saved search and remove. 3. Improve flow to create a saved search. The current "Edit > Save Search" is very obscure. Maybe show an icon along with the clear icon on the search bar? 4. OPTIONAL: Ability to link to a saved search inside notes. Thanks!
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