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Why no export to TEXT?

Van Cleef
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I have a collection of notes that I want to place on a shared file folder for a team of people/volunteers working on a project.

We (the team) will need to copy/edit/update all the files.

You appear to be limited to printing PDF files or exporting .ENEX files. They do not lend themselves to editing by Joe Random User.

Why isn't there a .TXT or .DOC export option?

My alternatives appear to be cut/paste the contents into new external files or export to PDF and use a third part PDF editor to convert them to editable files.

Neither option seems to be optimal.  Why not add an option to simply export to .DOC?  There is probably a reason behind this feature not being available, but search did not turn up any discussions related to it.  

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26 minutes ago, Van Cleef said:

You appear to be limited to printing PDF files or exporting .ENEX files.

Evernote indicated pending expansion for the export options   
however this is expected to be HTML format   

Evernote's native note format is ENML, which is basically HTML

>>We (the team) will need to copy/edit/update all the files.

HTML files can be edited - your users can import into MS Word

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