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  1. I have a collection of notes that I want to place on a shared file folder for a team of people/volunteers working on a project. We (the team) will need to copy/edit/update all the files. You appear to be limited to printing PDF files or exporting .ENEX files. They do not lend themselves to editing by Joe Random User. Why isn't there a .TXT or .DOC export option? My alternatives appear to be cut/paste the contents into new external files or export to PDF and use a third part PDF editor to convert them to editable files. Neither option seems to be optimal. Why not add an option to simply export to .DOC? There is probably a reason behind this feature not being available, but search did not turn up any discussions related to it.
  2. One of those things staring me in the face... I've gone back and change my documents to use that function. Other than not being able to change the size to match the font, it works perfectly. I'll just update my documents to use a slightly larger font the next time I update them. It looks like it should work with a size 14 font. Does that seem right to you?
  3. I've been using Webdings in Evernote on my Win10 box to insert CHECKMARKS into a document, to track my progress on a list. Today, I opened Evernote on my Macbook, to find that all my checkmarks have reverted to lowercase A, which is the character mapped to a checkmark in Webdings. Is there any portable way to insert checkmarks into documents that will be visible on both platforms? If note, anyone know where to get Webdings for a MacbooK?
  4. I suspect they don't auto-sync to reduce bandwidth utilization issues. One possible suggestion: Add a big red flag at the top of the frame whenever a sync update is required. It is simply too easy for the phone to ring at the wrong time, causing you to forget to click.
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