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Evernote search is failing me



Search is key to my use of Evernote, and fundamental to my workflow. I have saved searches and will typically process the search results, addressing each of them in sequence until there are no more left to do. I am struggling with 2 fundamental issues.

a) Evernote is displaying results showing notes that were deleted months ago

b) It takes so long for the updates I have done to be updated in the search results, it makes checking that I have fixed the issues very difficult. In the old version this update was instantaneous and the results disappeared from the search list immediately as they were fixed or deleted. 


This was today, around 7am AWST after I had processed a saved search. Only one of these entries should be appearing.93606195_Searchscreenshot.thumb.png.2dce5bbeec083a15597dafa525e65dfa.png

1) Is correct

2) and 3 of the others including the one showing updated 11 minutes ago were updated and should have been dropped by the filter,

3) and the untitled notes have been deleted and should not be displaying

4) and below are notes that were deleted ages ago, have no location or update date and should never be seen again.

I would much prefer to see fundamental issues fixed before moving forward with new features.


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Just filled out feedback about search failures. Added a note tonight at 1919--it's now 1944 and that note still isn't showing in search results...Even a short delay is too much--this is beyond ridiculous.


I just tested in Evernote Legacy by creating a note, it is immediately available in search.


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Add screenshots. Update time.
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