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Evernote Neuracache integration with google sign-in not working

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Hello! I used to use Neuracache as a flash-card app on my phone. It connects to evernote and makes flashcards from notes tagged in the right way. 

However, i just tried to set it up again on my new phone. Inside the Neuracache app, an html evernote login screen is displayed where i can select Google as identity provider. When I click on it, a Google html page gets displayed "Error by authorisation" 403: disallowed_useragent. 

Does anybody else use google sign-in for evernote and has recently had problems with integrations?


Many thanks

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Hi.  I'm not a Google signer-in so you'll have to wait for more comment on that,  but are you able to sign in to Evernote directly using Google?  If so the error might be at Neuracache rather than Evernote / Google.  Try contacting their helpline / posting in their user-forums.

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