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2 Feature Requests - 1) ZOOM to Only Affect the NOTE'S Contents 2) Bring Back Apple Color Picker for Text Colors



Please find a more detailed explanation of my 2 feature requests below, thank you.

1) Ver. 10.4.4's "Zoom In" & "Zoom Out" shortcuts (Command+= & Command+-) affect the zoomed view of the entire Evernote app, instead of only the contents of the selected note (like previous Ver. 7.14)

- My request is to be able to toggle between these 2 approaches to "Zoom" (i.e., to be able to toggle between 10.4.4's Zoom & 7.14's Zoom).

2) Ver. 10.4.4's text color palette feels like a downgrade from 7.14. The more muted & limited tones do not work well with dark mode. It is also hard to set simple "clicking" macros to quickly select colour switches, due to the above stated "entire layout zoom" issue.

- My request is to be able to choose between using the new limited color palette OR the original Apple system color picker (like 7.14).

- And for the new limited color palette to be expanded & to be able to add our own custom HTML color codes as a user-saved palette.


Other than this, Evernote rocks!! Thank you for continuing to create and upgrade this awesome app. Cheers

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Agree with the limited colour palette. I am very visual and often write notes in a variety of colours. In doing so, I made extensive use of the eyedropper to keep a big text colour palette, i.e. specific company colours for headers on work notes, etc. I'm really saddened by this feature reduction and avoiding updating.

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Yes, as DracoMalfoy in first post said...please return the gesture-based zoom in-out (text resizing) on an individual note as was available in earlier versions (it is helpful for near-sighted people like me when reading and taking notes without glasses, which is better for the eyes)

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@PinkElephant Both of these features were working fine before (v7 is still so much faster, reliable and functional than 10). You might not have used these features, but other people set-up note management systems based on functional color-coding (which will then be destroyed if they are forced to update at some stage).

If there are any coding / storage efficiencies to be gained by reducing colour options, then surely they can be replaced by a more efficient styling option - eg allowing people to pick their own colour set (even from a limited set like web safe) and limited styles (eg for links and headings at the very least). Surely that would improve system speed and reliability, as well as address many user needs?

And yikes, going out to another app just for basic text formatting is definitely not conducive to fast or efficient note / document management! 

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Please provide a method where we can open the default Mac Color Picker. It is fine that you provide a limited palette that is easy to use, sure, but this isn't 1981 with CGA graphics limiting us to 16-colors, we should have all of the color options available.

And/or at minimum, you should allow us to customize the palette of colors in your built-it color picker. I have thousands of notes with a color palette that I have used for years, and now I can't easily make new notes with that palette because the colors aren't available. 

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Since one basic concept of the new clients is to work independently from the platform it is running at, there will probably be no return of any feature called XXX-colorpicker (be it Mac, Win, iOS or And), that is specific to just one OS.

With colors it is like with the fonts: Platform neutrality has beaten a broader selection.

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