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  1. @PinkElephant Both of these features were working fine before (v7 is still so much faster, reliable and functional than 10). You might not have used these features, but other people set-up note management systems based on functional color-coding (which will then be destroyed if they are forced to update at some stage). If there are any coding / storage efficiencies to be gained by reducing colour options, then surely they can be replaced by a more efficient styling option - eg allowing people to pick their own colour set (even from a limited set like web safe) and limited styles (eg for l
  2. +1 for text entry, please. Date picker is more time consuming and awkward to use - especially if selecting a date many years back (which I do all the time).
  3. Ditto. The note metadata info should be all in one place so you can see all relevant info in a glance (eg. tags next to notebooks and date info) rather than switching contexts. Also, it's an awkward looking use of space at the top of the note now - I love plenty of white space, but it just looks like an odd content hole in this context.
  4. Couldn't we customise our own 14 colours, or pick from a wider selection (eg the original websafe colours)? I used a lot of colour coding in my notes system and if I have to upgrade to v10 it's ruined - none of the new colours are close to my system colours and it would take an eternity to go and re-do them all. I also just don't like the new colours. There's no pink and there's not enough contrast between the dark blue and purple. It would also be so much more efficient if we could style our own link, heading and call-out colours - even if it was just a single 'brand' colour.
  5. Gah! So annoying that sorting is different across systems! I was just testing this myself - in case it's useful to anyone else here were my test results (for 21 symbols) on the Mac app and iOS app, browsers (Mac) and Windows app - they all sort differently: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAJzJL7C7pZCTr7ZDGJpTW7vUH80qZWyj-o Jo
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