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Penultimate iPad iOS9: Error communicating with EV servers


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Recently I woke up an iPad 2 iOs9 and tried to re-use Penultimate.

It seems that it works (I know that there are better apps than Penultimate for handwriting but all of them require iOS 12 and above) however when I try to access my EverNote account it gives the error “ Error communicating with the EverNote servers"

Does it mean that current EV servers will not accept Penultimate requests anymore?


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Probably this is an old version of Penultimate. The current version is 6.3, was released 4 month ago and syncs to the Evernote account just fine. However, I don’t use it. In EN v10 there is the sketch feature, that IMHO replaces Penultimate with this internal function.

For real handwritten note taking I use GoodNotes 5.

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