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  1. Hi Recently I woke up an iPad 2 iOs9 and tried to re-use Penultimate. It seems that it works (I know that there are better apps than Penultimate for handwriting but all of them require iOS 12 and above) however when I try to access my EverNote account it gives the error “ Error communicating with the EverNote servers" Does it mean that current EV servers will not accept Penultimate requests anymore? Thanks
  2. I have just decided to install last version (Mac Catalina) without reading first this discussion ... and I was astonished when started up ... it is not able to start up, it become frozen, unusable ... so I downloaded the legacy version in order to recover my 9000 notes... and decide what to do, whether to move or not to Onenote. I loved Evernote as worked in 7.4 ... so difficult to change... what do you think? For the time being every things works with Legacy ... but I am agree with all of you: Evernote is dead with this approach
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