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10.4.3 : not a "smooth" upgrade

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I just received the offer to install/upgrade to 10.4.3 automagically (I was using 10.3.7) and I accept it.

I let the computer work for several minutes.  At some point the evernote processess were not consuming much CPU anymore (about 1%) which is unusual since an upgrade would consume a lot of disc and CPU until the version is fully restarted.  This restarting phase never occurred.

I tried to start evernote, no success.  Even the "pinned" evernote entry I had in my task bar was now an empty white icon.

At some point I decided to stop all the evernote process and to restart evernote, and only at that moment I was able to see/access that new version.

By default it opened with the "Cards" view. I wasn`t using this before, I don`t remember if it was there in the previous versions.  I can see the "top list" view.

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