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Request: Include sort order in the "Save current view options for this notebook"

Stacey Harmon


I love that Mac users can now also "save current view options for this notebook", however, what I really want is the ability to have the sort order saved as part of the note list view options.

I want certain notebooks to always be sorted by title (for example: I have explicit naming conventions applied in certain notebooks so that those notes will sort/group together – often used in project support notebooks), and I want other notebooks to always be sorted by date updated (most often used in notebooks where I'm reviewing and processing information, such as my default notebook/inbox). 

If I remember correctly, the Windows Legacy version offers this as part of the "save current view" so I'm hoping it is in the realm of possibility for inclusion in v10.

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+1 Saving the sort order for a notebook would be awesome... if they add this, hopefully they also allow saving the sort order of saved searches, as most of my saved searches are not useful sorted by relevance. 

While on the topic of sort order (in case anyone from Evernote is monitoring this thread).... PLEASE allow us to sort by any column on list view.  Particularly I am really hoping they add back the ability to sort by reminder date. I have a LOT of saved searches for different types of reminders (ie combo of due date and context), and it is entirely useless to sort by relevance.

I hate that the only place you can sort by reminder due date is the Reminders tab. 

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