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Issues using Fujitsu ScanSnap with new Evernote

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When using my scanner Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300I with the new Evernote, I noticed the following:
- if I scan when Evernote for Windows is not open, ScanSnap doesn't always open Evernote and the document is not scanned ( not sure where it is after that).
- when I scan a document, the document creates a new Imported notebook instead of directing the document to the dedicated notebook that I created for that (Inbox by the way)

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Yes, this is a known issue with the v10. By the way,  no import folders either.

To solve this, currently the only way is to install the „legacy“ client. This can be done in addition to the new client, or replacing it. When installed in parallel, you need enough disk space for both, because each one brings his own database along.

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