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Document scanner is suboptimal

Perfido Pelato


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I want to agree with this complaint/suggestion. I am really disappointed with the update. I use Evernote for many things, but one of the things I do most frequently is scan receipts. It is difficult to articulate exactly what is wrong with the new version. At first I assumed that I just needed to get used to the changes, but it has now been a while, and I am still really unhappy. It feels more difficult to use, seems to take more steps, and really slows down my workflow. The best way I can describe the problem is to say that it feels like the app is trying really hard to do more, better, but all that effort is going to waste and is ultimately just getting in my way. For example, the old version of Evernote could automatically detect the receipt and take a picture, but I never used that feature because it was slow. Instead I could just tap the shutter button when the shaded green box was close enough to matching what I wanted to scan, and it would consistently capture exactly what I needed, and then I could move on. The new version does auto detection much faster. I can see why the engineers who worked on that would be proud of it. But it still isn't faster than if I just tap the shutter button in the old app, and invariably when I do that in the new app I end up getting two pictures. Also, it is trying so hard to be quick about the auto-detection that it frequently takes a photo of random stuff on my desk before I can tap the button to save the note. Then I have to take several more steps to delete that extraneous photo. Maybe some future version of auto-detect will be so good and so fast that I would love it, but right now I just wish I could go back to the old version. There are more problems with the overall workflow, but it is harder to be specific.There seem to be more steps to scan a receipt. More tapping. If you imagine you have a stack of receipts that you need to scan to separate notes, I think the old version of Evernote did it faster and with fewer actions on the part of the user.

I also prefer to use Scannable for scanning documents to PDF. It is way better than the scanner in Evernote if I want to create a PDF I can download and email to someone. But for the simple little things I just want to scan to Evernote where it shall stay, Scannable is overkill, and I really just want the old version of Evernote back. Or for the clever engineers to figure out how to make the next version as efficient as the previous version.

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