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Can't Save When sharing to My Files with Evernote Scannable

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Not sure when this happened but probably after the iOS 14 update, when I click on Share > Save to Files > choose a folder and then try to share/save it, there are no options. The top line of the screen is white so I am assuming it is there somewhere? I pressed a few places and could only create a folder. 

Please help

PNG image.png

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On 12/12/2020 at 3:28 AM, AndreC said:

After you hit Share and select your destination folder, the Save button is still active and at the same spot (top right) but its written white on the white background (bug after IOS 14?) hence why you can't see it. You can still hit it though and it will save. Same thing with the Cancel button on top left. Cheers.

496095298_PNGimage.png.b23e6d04f0d40e94dca767412043f7d0.pdf 340.79 kB · 6 downloads

It works fine, thanks!

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Same issue. Thanks for explaining that it’s written in white on white background. 

This should be a very easy and fast fix, Evernote? Simply change font colour and update. Very awkward.

For others, tap at top right for save (just below battery icon in my screenshot) and top left for cancel (just below I’ve ‘Ice’ in my screenshot). Buttons are there bjt invisible. 

To be clear, this relates to when scanning a document then 

SEND >SHARE > Save to Files

which is a VERY useful send option.




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This is not inside of Scannable. It is in the iOS standard share workflow - not sure which side needs to take care of changing the font color.

If it is important for you, issue a support ticket. Posting in the Forum will not make anything happen.

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@PinkElephant OK, thanks for the tip. I’ll try to find where to submit a support ticket. There were no such links in the app or following the support link from App Store. 

it is important when an necessary button is invisible. Don’t have this problem with any apps except this one, but will submit a ticket. Thanks again for your tip. 👍

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For information of those who come to this useful thread: 

When we don't see "Save to Files" after "SEND" -> "Share", just swipe the window upward. Then "Save to Files" and other functionalities will appear. 

This symptom starts to happen since iOS 14.7, I think, as I didn't see this problem on 2021/7/19, but met this on 2021/8/10 and later. Apple's "Apple security updates" page tells iOS 14.7 was released on 2021/7/19 in my region. 



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