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please provide different view settings for notes & reminders view



Hi, it would be nice to have different settings for notes and reminders view while in list view. E. g. the notes view has columns "created", "modified" and "title". Nice.

Now I switch to the reminders view and only need the columns "due" and "title" (and a way to complete reminders directly in the list would be cool).

I've to select and de-select the preferred columns each time I change between these two views. Please provide a way to store the different view settings.

Currently there are different settings on a notebook level only, e. g. my inbox is in card view, while other notebooks are in list view. Unfortunately no different setting for notes & reminders.


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So much easier to accomplish something when saved searches, tags, notebooks are displayed in a way which is supportive of the content.

Simple way to say it is make it like Windows was.  Or legacy still is.  😉


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