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(Archived) Can I drag&drop a web page to a specific EN document?



I often collect a lot of links in a single EN document. I was wondering if (or hoping that) there might be some simple way to save an open web page to an EN document I am editing. The ideal would be to drag and drop a tab to the open EN window and get a hyperlink with the web page's title as text. This doesn't seem to work, however.

I am aware I can use the web clipper, but that creates a new EN document for each clipping, which is usually not what I want.

The way I do this now (when I was just collecting links for possible used cars to buy for example) is to copy and paste a line of text from the web page (very often the same as the title of the page), paste that into the EN doc, switch back to the browser and copy the url, and create a link of the text with cmd-K. It works, but it's a bit cumbersome. Isn't there a simpler way to do this? There sure should be.

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Try the Chrome web clipper. IME, it clips many (most?) web pages in their entirety. And if there are embedded links, you can click on that link in the EN note & the page will be opened up in your default browser. Note that since it saves t he photos on the page, if you use it very often, it can quickly increase the amount you're uploading & take a bigger bite (so to speak :lol: ) out of your allotted monthly upload amount. Also, since it syncs to the EN servers, in order to get it into your desktop client, you then have to sync it down from the EN servers.

If you don't want to go that route, another option I've used is Readability (http://lab.arc90.com/experiments/readability/), which strips much of the extras out & doesn't use as much of your upload allowance. Can't say if it's for Mac, though. (I'm Windows.)

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Thanks for your reply, BurgersNFries, but it doesn't really adress my question.

I do use the web clipper (for Firefox), and that works fine for its use. Sometimes you find a snippet of info on a web page (or an entire web page for that matter) that you'd like to keep, then the web clipper's awesome. Sometimes, though, you just want to insert a link to a web page in the EN document that you are writing (for example a list of ads for cars you consider buying). Then the web clipper doesn't really help you.

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