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7.14 & Big Sur - Does it work?

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hi all,

with the mess EN created with "evernote light" / version 10 and by reducing the fully featured apps to legacy a key question starts to concern me:

does any of you have experience with the Big Sur betas and the Mac client 7.14? does it continue to work in Big Sur?

sadly wether or not I will upgrade my OS for now depends on whether the EN legacy client will still work. how on earth did we get to this place?!...well at least my testing of alternatives is in full swing...

thanks for any pointers / experiences...

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With all apps that will not be supported in the future, I’ve got a message from Catalina to contact the developer. I never got such a message when opening EN legacy.

So my best bet is there is no danger it will stop working when BigSur is installed.

However, this means on a Mac with Intel chip. I doubt it will be the same on a new Mac with Apple silicon.

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