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(Archived) What is clipped

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It is a static *copy* of what you see in the web page, plus a link to the original source included at the bottom.

You can test this for yourself by clipping from an online newspaper. When you look at the note the next day, the clipping will still be of what you clipped yesterday, not today's contents.

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I believe it is all saved in EverNote. I was going to suggest creating a web page, clipping it, then deleting the page (or using a yesterday/today or frequently updating news page -- but you have to wait to see that one), and then doing an enx export to prove that to yourself (it has the encoded binary payloads for images, etc.)-- but that kind of export is gone.

Is enx export coming back? It was awesome that it was all notes plus the encoded binary payloads of images, etc. in a single XML file for the whole notebook. Exporting by note selection, and only to text or HTML, is not awesome.

For your purposes, though, the Web Page export in 3 should prove or disprove the same thing with the same test.

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When you clip from the web, we grab the web page and all of its embedded images, so you have an archival copy that you can reference long after the origin web site changes.

We've designed a new XML-based export format that will work across platforms ... this will be implemented on both the Windows and Mac in the next couple of months.


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