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  1. Are contacts coming back as a type of note? If not, that's cool, but if so, I'd like to make these suggestions: - Sync w/ Thunderbird, Outlook, Now Contact - Now Contact like fields for an entry in terms of home phone, address, e-mail, work phone, address, e-mail, cell phone, fax, notes, website, etc. instead of just the 7 existing fields - Associate a "phone message" note type (if those come back) -- or any note type -- with contacts whose phone #, e-mail, or website addresses appear in the note - Associate an e-mail clipping from Thunderbird, Outlook, whatever with the contact(s) whose e-mails are in the from or cc fields of the clipped mail - Associated notes display in the notes list when a contact is selected Thanks. - S
  2. Thank you to Dave Engberg for coming on here and actually speaking to some power user concerns. It has stopped (for now) my search for a replacement product and let me take a "let's see the next few Beta releases" approach -- because for me (as for many) it was the lack of any response from EN about the feature concerns that had me most concerned, not that something wasn't implemented yet. I know it's an early Beta, and as an engineer myself I understand that features (especially across multiple platforms) take time to (re)implement. However, Betas are released specifically to get feedback, and testers / users also want feedback on their feedback. I understand Dave's concern about not having words misused against EN by promising something that is harder to deliver than they initially thought. I'm glad to hear from him, and it would be even more helpful to know if EN is combing the forums (espeically the 2.2 features going away thread) for these requests and logging them as open suggs in whatever bug/sug tracking system they use for their engineering team -- even if (understandably) EN won't commit to when they'll implement feature X or Y with regards to pushing it into the Beta. So, thanks Dave. Hopefully you (and your peers) will continue to keep us posted of what's going on.
  3. I believe it is all saved in EverNote. I was going to suggest creating a web page, clipping it, then deleting the page (or using a yesterday/today or frequently updating news page -- but you have to wait to see that one), and then doing an enx export to prove that to yourself (it has the encoded binary payloads for images, etc.)-- but that kind of export is gone. Is enx export coming back? It was awesome that it was all notes plus the encoded binary payloads of images, etc. in a single XML file for the whole notebook. Exporting by note selection, and only to text or HTML, is not awesome. For your purposes, though, the Web Page export in 3 should prove or disprove the same thing with the same test.
  4. Well then, for their sake, let's hope they don't wind up like so many power user products that downgraded and went after a mass market -- a failure. Most techno trendies and folks who buy software based on hype will buy a product once (actually, most will just download a free trial and play around with it), and that's it. Lots of software has died trying to expand its market share, so my best wishes to them to avoid that. The logic in not having advanced features seems then to be to just generate enough hype to sell the whole company to Google or Microsoft or some portable device or storage manufacturer who wants a bundled app (bundled with an OS, hardware device, and/or web service) for synchronizing small, ad-hoc databases of random multi-media "notes" stuff across multiple devices and/or the Web. If that is their plan, it could indeed make the EN guys rich. Good for them. Some of the things people want, such as inter-note relations, category intersection, the restoration of "uncategorized" default, the restoration of of all auto-categories / types / attributes (such as types based on source / content like image, Excel, etc.), and attaching / linking to files, are actually really easy to implement. It would make sense to make people happy and just do them. Other things, like PDF support, are crucial even for the lower end users. I believe some of that stuff is coming. If it is, I'll probably keep using EN until something better comes along, even without some of the more advanced features like custom templates, if those things come to fruition (so long as neither export to XML so I can transfer data into another program when the time came, nor the option to have local-only DBs went away after release). Custom templates and rule based tagging may be more difficult to reimplement, but the question then becomes -- do they want power users creating enhancements for the product for free, or not? Custom templates, rules, and scripting are ways to get a power user base to enhance the product for free (provided the company creates a forum for uploading and sharing such things). It works for some software (even some software that has lots of low-end users), and not for others. I think it might work fine for EN if they're willing to do it, but maybe their cost-benefit analysis says no. Personally, I hope not.
  5. I have tested Local vs. Private (online) notebooks now. This distinction does work, and I am grateful for that. I even checked, when I resynchronized, that notes I had not wanted online got deleted when I moved them to a local folder. It is still a little weird to me that all notebooks *must* have the same tag hierarchy, but it is certainly useful in the default case where I want two notebooks that have the same categories, but one is local and the other online.
  6. I've been in the software industry for quite a while now, and I have to say other than arrogant monopolies like Microsoft and Apple, I'm not sure I've ever seen a company alienate their dedicated core of quite as much as EN seems to be doing with this upgrade. I read this entire thread hoping Phil or someone else from EN had posted in it saying "we're going to keep all the EN 2.2 functionality you rely on, so let's get together and build a comprehensive list so we can get it into the beta and have you help us test it" -- but no. What is going on? I feel like even though I really like EverNote 2.2 quite a bit, maybe I shouldn't have purchased this product because it's a dead-end (sure I can keep an installer around -- but what about when all the DLLs and other OS and app hooks are obsolete -- then what -- not to mention that I like the universal clipper in 3 so I want that plus the 2.2 features). The cloud metaphor is not one-size-fits-all, and this thread is full of useful EN 2.2 things EN 3 should do that seem to be getting ignored. What gives? I agree with this list that was posted: [*]Tag rules [*]Custom templates (I created many "forms" for certain kinds of information) [*]A custom template editor (for the aforementioned custom templates) [*]Auto tagging parent tags when a child tag is added to a note [*]This is a small thing, but when I create a new tag and intend it to be a child of an existing tag, I should be able to right click on the parent and have the child relationship automatically established when the new tag is created. Now I have to create it and then move it under the proper parent tag. And would add: the restoration of "uncategorized" default ; the restoration of of all auto-categories / types (such as types based on source / content like image, Excel, etc.) ; attaching / linking to files (and I'd like to be able to tell EverNote not to put certain large files as an ASCII-encoded payload in its database by default, but rather to create storage location(s) by type or query me for location if I set that as an option) -- and as has been said a zillion times before by others, I don't want to be required to sync my data online to use the product. (And probably other things I'm just not thinking of right now.) Someone posted saying that EverNote has no incentive to cater to power users, because we'll go away and leave them with users who will pay more for less. Really? You think so? I don't. Only power users really buy this kind of software. Average users will use regular Web bookmarks in IE or Safari or Thunderbird and/or one or more of the FREE clipping (and pseudo-clippign) services that are either here or will be soon from the likes of Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, digg, del.icio.us. Average users don't have extensive organizational needs for their clippings. Average users don't pay for storage for these kinds of services -- at least not yet, and I'm not betting they ever will unless it's prepackaged with a full hosting bundle. Now, perhaps EN's goal is to sell themselves as a service module to add to such a prepackaged bundle at Yahoo! or Google, in which case maybe they'll happily ***** us professionals attempting to use this as a research and PIM tool, and do the bare minimum needed to pull off such a sale. But, I hope not, because 2.2 is a great product and I'd like to see 3.0 be better, not worse.
  7. This is ok for now, but hopefully before product release this will go back to being a default tag or attribute or even better its own top-level entry in the list. Because Web Clipper and Universal Clipper don't ask you what categories to assign, it is a pain to go find them (and finding them by attribute is much more annoying than a single "new stuff" bin). What about empty categories not being imported? Will that be changed before release? And are flags going to remain as a separate attribute w/ an icon, or be just a tag? That's ok for Beta, but hopefully this won't be the final behavior. This is ok, and will be better when there are more data-type based attributes. Will there be indicator icons like in EN2? I like that fast visual reminder of things that are now source and contains attributes, and also for flags. Will there be other types of notes from EN2 such as to-do, contacts, etc.? It's interesting in some ways that notebooks share all tags/categories -- because this facilitates having same notebooks of different security level. But, is there a way to have a notebook that has totally separate tag/category set? Thank you. - stephan
  8. The good: The Universal Clipper is pretty awesome. Is there a way to always launch it on reboot? Web synchronization is useful in some cases (but I do want login to be optional.) Other issues: I concur with other posters who said they do not want to log-in to use the app. I also agree that "categories" is a better name than "tags." "Uncategorized" is missing. Without it, I can not easily find my newly created notes and add category/ies. I find that highly annoying. When I imported from Evernote 2, via a .enx file, my category hierarchy was not preserved. This doesn't happen with an import from a .enb file. Saved Searches and Auto Categories also did not import properly (auto categories are missing, saved searches only 1 of 2 in the file imported came through). In neither case did empty categories get imported -- but I created those categories for a reason, and don't want to re-create them if I don't get around to finding info for those projects before upgrading. Flags got imported as tags that read: flag:red, etc. That's not very visually helpful, compared to a flag icon. On import you should be able to choose if you want the imported notebook to be private or local, since you can choose this when you create a new notebook. Defaulting to private is annoying -- as is not being able to change this later. Why not? All it means is if it goes from public to local, next sync removes the data from the server, and vice-versa next sync adds it. Maybe you're afraid this would lead to too much unnecessary sync traffic from indecisive users? It would be better to be able to set a category to be public or local (because this avoids having redundant categories across notebooks -- in the current system, you'd need to have redundant copies of every auto category, such as web clips, or user created categories intended to be general). I miss the type system. I liked being able to have to-do lists, contacts, shopping lists, etc. -- and also the data-type based auto categories like Images, Excel, Word, etc. Where is backup/restore for local DBs? Is it there and I'm just not seeing it? I very much liked the suggestion someone made in the forums of a MySql back end (actually, I think PostgreSQL would be a better choice -- so long as in either case the EverNote app took care of both installation of the back-end DB and doing back-ups and exports of the DB, including shutting down connections, etc. as needed, since many users won't know how to do that for a real DB). Sqlite is maybe a good default option, with another RDBMS as an advanced option. Being able to easily hook into my Evernote DB via SQL tools / queries, including my own C++ or Python code, would be awesome. Even if the the ENB format were the default, and there was a "sync to rdbms" option -- that would be cool. Sync and update server db calls are rather slow over my 256k-upstream DSL. My initial thoughts. - stephan
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