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'Viewing All Notes Bar' disappears, when I click on a Favorite-Note



Hello there,

I hope this is a bug: When I click on a note in favorites, the whole 'Viewing All Notes Bar' disappears and so the Favorites-Note becomes way too large (especially when working on an iMac 27''). 


Like I said at the beginning: I hope it's a bug and not really meant to be, because I can't understand how, from an UI point of view, to make such an essential feature like the 'Viewing All Notes Bar' (or the related notebook) disappear and the Favorites-Note at the same time way too large...


Please let me know when it will be fixed again! :)

Viewing All Notes Bar' disappears.png

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Sure :)

When I click on the notebook icon on the top left corner of the note Favorite-Note (Click 2) it opens the related Notebook but the Favorite-Note gets replaced with another note (Test 3)...

So, my question is if it is possible, that the Favorite-Note (Test) still remains open, when I click on the notebook icon on the top left corner of the note Favorite-Note??? 


(Or the best solution is of course, when the 'Viewing All Notes Bar' is visible he whole time... Please implement this feature again like it was in the Legacy-Version :( )


Thank you


Favorite-Note disappears 1.png

Favorite-Note disappears 2.png

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2 hours ago, ABEN said:

Thank you for your response!


But then in many notebooks the particular favorite-note disappears (and thus the whole function does not make sense anymore)... :(


I please to improve it!

I'm not sure I understand. Can you expand on this? 

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