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Web feature requests (multiple)

Stacey Harmon

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I did a search for these feature requests in this forum before posting, but if I missed them already being logged, feel free to merge this, or link to them so I can upvote them (then delete this). I'm also happy to break these up into different posts if that is helpful.

I'm hearing from my community that these features are being missed in the public beta:

  1. Want to see note counts displayed next to notebooks on left sidebar
  2. Want the ability to record audio notes
  3. Want the ability to select multiple notes at once (and therefore not able to take further action on multiple notes such as mass move, or TOC feature)

Also, although the alphabetical sort order on stacks/notebooks is correct in the left sidebar, the alphabetical sort is not matching in the notebook list view where the notebook list sort is not alphabetical, even though Title sort is what is selected:



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Thanks for posting. Let me add just my view on your 3 main issues:

1. I have the notes count in my sidebar, for each notebook, both on iPhone and iPad. I have not found a setting to turn it on or off, so it is a mystery why I have it, and you don’t.


2. Audio notes can be recorded, either by tapping on the up arrow beside the „New note“ button and choosing „Record audio“, or inside of a note by hitting the blue + button to the left of the editing bar, and select audio. Both will create an audio file inside of a note.

What I would like to have is an automatic transcription, as in the app „JustPressRecord“. It should be easy, because the function is build into iOS already.

3. Multi select is not possible, probably because the basic logic of the mobile apps to download and edit always just a single note was not changed. For me this is the main reason why I use the Mac client for all the heavy lifting like multi-tagging, moving of notes or TOCs. It prohibits to use EN in a professional iPad-only setup.

It Is still a long way to go ...

P.S. Nice GTD setup, by the way !


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Correct - at the moment it seems all discussions are about the iOS release. So I did not check the subforum you posted in.

Nice visual with the icons in front of the notebooks name. In fact I took the idea from your web site.

One question: Is there any rule or table about how the icons sort themselves ? I had my Inbox first of all using the „@„, but have other notebooks sticked to the top below the Inbox, using the „@„ symbol as well. With the icons, it now got mixed up. So I could either use another symbol letter „larger“ than the „@„, or use other icons to make them stick in the right order.

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