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I've always been bothered by the small default font on Evernote iOS. Evernote 10 improves the situation a lot in that pinch to zoom works better than before, so you can make the font bigger while viewing or editing. But it would be nice if there was a Setting for default font size (or at least the display size) so the default wouldn't have to be so small, especially on my phone.

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20 minutes ago, ROTC69 said:

Where is the option to set your default font/size for all notes? It seem to have disappeared after the update in year 2020.

I don"t recall this option in legacy IOS versions     
Macs had an option but it only related to the default display for notes;    
notes are created with no embedded font assignment

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The issue I'm having with the new Evernote is that the new 16pt default text size is too small for me to read. Only workaround is to magnify the window view which does make the fonts larger on screen, but because its magnified it also makes most of my notes run off the right side of the window and I have to scroll horizontally to see the rest of the note. (I mostly use tables to organize notes)

Please bring back the feature for default text size! I would think text size is fundamental. If the letters are too small and its hard to read the note....what's the point of using the software? 

Fundamentally I'm using it to read and review... aren't I?

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I'm having the same problem; I REALLY want to be able to read my notes without having to put on reading glasses. For some reason, on my iPhone X the default "16 " is T-I-N-Y; it's like 4pt. in a Windows Word doc., no exaggeration! I changed the font size to "30", and it's just about right for me without reading glasses; probably something like 24 would be fine for younger eyes 😉

(For the record, I L-O-V-E the ability to set as default that I can't edit a note unless I specifically choose to do so. Tied in with that is the ability to Undo an edit. That two-part feature was BY FAR my strongest wish for years, as I kept accidentally altering my notes 🙄😬 


(Been using Evernote since it was first released; very glad to see how much more awesome it has become 😍)

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