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Initial impressions


I've barely used the new app much yet, but I just wanted to say that so far I really like it.

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Table functionality is one of the things they mentioned (well, editing tables) as not being quite ready to ship today. I imagine they'll address all this in a future update. 

For me, the app not refreshing every time you go to another app is huge, and the list of tags along the left side of the screen is EXTREMELY helpful. Oh, and it the fact it's leaps and bounds faster is a nice perk as well. 

Keeping in mind it's a major update and there will be more to follow -- I'm quite happy with this. 

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@dem @TheGrudge Thank yo so much, and we're glad to hear you're enjoying it!

Also, feel free to start a Tables thread if you have any specific thoughts/feedback you'd like to share.

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