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Outlook clipper failed to clip Evernote's own email

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Evernote sent me an email to try the new Beta version

I tried to clip the email to make a note in Evernote so I remember to install and try the Beta. The clipped email came out completely empty except for the email header (See attachment)! 

I was able to reproduce this consistently. Isn't it funny that Evernote clipper can't clip Evernote's own email? 


Clipped Email 2.jpg

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Hi.  I guess Evernote never had a reason to try Outlook Clipper on their own emails.  This has happened to me occasionally too I think - not with Evernote,  but with the occasional random email.  I just forward it to my account Email address,  or copy the content from the email into the rest of the note body.  Guess it depends on how the email is coded.

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