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There used to be a program called Ecco. You could assign keywords that when typed in the text of a note, would automatically add that note to that keyword's folder. i.e., you assign a key word of lunch, then every note you typed with the word lunch would be assigned to that folder.

If Evernote could do this with tags, it would really make it a much more usefull tool for me.

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Automatic keyword/tag lovers are collectively holding their breath. However, if you read other forum posts, with titles such as "the death of evernote 2.2 features", you can probably figure out that we're very quickly turning blue.

It's not that the EN team has said "no"; it's that they haven't said anything at all. Secretly, I think they mean "no", but don't want to actually *say* it because they'll lose a small handful of users. Yeah, that would be us, the unimportant power users.

Bitter? Me?

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Any chance of that feature being added back to the 3.0 version?

The saved searches in 3.0 are supposed to serve the same purpose, but (a) they can't be integrated with your list of tags, (:) you're not allowed to use non-alphanumeric characters (e.g., "@do next week"), and © in the beta at least you are limited to just a few dozen saved searches for all of your EN notebooks.

If you browse through this forum, you'll see that there has been extensive discussion of the differences between EN 2.2 and 3.0. The gist of it is that 3.0 offers synchronization with the Web but has far less organizational power than 2.2. There is vague talk from EN headquarters that some of the 2.2 features will be brought back eventually. That remains to be seen.

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