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  1. Thanks, DTLow. I sensed that something like that was happening. But the real question in my mind is still whether these very attractive colors will survive the transition to the next version of Evernote.
  2. Dave, I agree with your analysis. Now we can just hope that someday EN will provide improved background colors for tables: I long for a pale yellow or cream.
  3. My EN Web version is 5.31. Do I need to bring it up to date? If so, how do I do that? I've done a few further experiments. The background color that disappeared was in a table that I created originally in Word and then transferred over to EN and placed in the table menu. In other words, I inserted the table in EN Windows, but the color disappeared when I viewed the note on the Web. However, if I use one of the standard colors for a table, there is no such problem. I interpret this to mean that custom-made tables are perhaps not going to be fully supported in the future.
  4. Today I noticed for the first time that the Web beta is removing the background colors of tables. Is this a new development? I hadn't been aware of it before. It's rather distressing for those of use who use colored tables to get around the problem of the glaring white background of notes.
  5. I've encountered an odd problem recently, and, in the hope that there is a simple and obvious solution, I thought I would mention it here before I approach the Evernote help staff. Here is an image below of what's happening. I am using a Surface Pro with a second larger screen. I usually place EN on this second screen but occasionally shift it over to the original Surface Pro screen, and when I do that, as you can see, the image becomes scrambled. The text of the note no longer appears below the list of notes but instead compresses itself into a tiny rectangle superimposed on the list. The note is no longer editable (or even readable, for that matter) as long as I keep EN on the Surface Pro screen, but it reverts to its normal behavior when I move EN back to the larger screen. This began happening without warning a few weeks ago, and it does not affect any other app that I use. I'm of course at home now, but when the libraries reopen and I again start using EN on my Surface Pro there, this will become a serious matter. Any thoughts?
  6. Yes, I've noticed this too, though in my case I have the opposite problem. I tend to keep Evernote at the left side of the screen in a fairly narrow shape, and when I clip using the simplified article format, it means that the text runs off the right side and becomes temporarily invisible. In other words, it does not automatically reformat according to the width of the Evernote window. I'm using Windows 10 and have no idea whether this happens in other operating systems.
  7. I've created quite a few notes in recent months using a single-cell table with a color background, but the main problem with that technique is that the right margin of your text does not expand or contract when you change the size of the Evernote screen. This causes much frustration for me. (I live in the Windows world, incidentally.) More recently I've been experimenting with some "Coloured Background Note Templates" created by a woman in Australia: https://www.storiesofanunschoolingfamily.com/an-evernote-workshop-7-50-coloured-background-note-templates-to-download/ and https://www.storiesofanunschoolingfamily.com/another-24-evernote-coloured-background-note-templates/ They behave smoothly enough: the text right-margin problem has been solved, and some of the colors are quite attractive. But there are a few minor glitches. For example, if you you apply highlighting (shift-control-h) to some of the text but then remove it, the background color starts to break up. (This is also true of colored cells in tables, incidentally.) I also found myself wondering if these templates will continue to work in the next version of EN; for whatever it's worth, I can report that they are still functional in the new Web interface. Has anyone else used such templates? Are there other hazards that I should be aware of?
  8. Thanks for this suggestion, but it doesn't seem to do the trick. The right margin of the table certainly slides left and right according to the width of the Evernote screen, but the text itself gets cut off on the right. I've been struggling with this for a long time; if anyone has an idea how to resolve the problem, I'd be delighted to hear it.
  9. I've experimented with yellow tables like this, not because I'm a lawyer (definitely not) but because I dislike the pure white background of notes in Evernote. The problem I've encountered is that the horizontal dimensions of a table do not automatically adjust when you modify the width of the Evernote screen. This means that you either have to make the table very narrow or fiddle with its width constantly. Has anyone else found a solution to this problem?
  10. For some reason that doesn't work on my computer (Windows 10), but I can temporarily enlarge or reduce the font size of any note by using control-plus or control-minus.
  11. I believe the list of note titles at the left of the screen will be substantially larger in the next version of Evernote. I've signed up for the beta but haven't been able to see it yet; on the other hand, that's my impression from the various "Behind the Scenes" videos.
  12. Just got this note from Evernote: "After reviewing the information provided further, we were able to determine this was a UI issue rather than a data issue. Our engineers were making updates on the backend which temporarily disabled note history for some users. Our apologies for any alarm and for the disruption to your workflow."
  13. Yesterday I got in touch with Evernote and had a lengthy discussion about the problem. Then this morning I checked in my Evernote files and the note histories had mysteriously reappeared. I have no idea what happened: did they make some adjustment in my account, or did they fix a problem that affected other users as well? Anyway, I'm relieved to have recovered this information.
  14. This morning I tried to look at the note history of a note, and I discovered, to my horror, that the note histories in all my many notebooks have disappeared (even though I have been a Premium subscriber for many years). Is this the result of some obvious blunder on my part? I certainly have used note histories in the past.
  15. Just a couple of very belated thoughts about tags and fonts. I would prefer to see the tags displayed at the top of the note rather than the bottom, though I can live with either arrangement. But the one menu that certainly must be preserved in some form is the “Assign tags” one (control-alt-t in Windows). That (or something like it) seems to me indispensable when dealing with a note that is connected with too many tags to be easily shown on the note screen. I’d also like to put in a word for a few more fonts — more, at least, than the half dozen that are now showing up on the Web version of Evernote. It’s easy to become addicted to one or two favorite fonts over the years (it’s Georgia in my case), and although it might sound like a trivial matter, using those particular fonts becomes a very important part of the user interface. It’s actually a big issue for some of us.
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