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  1. In response to jefito's earlier question: yes, I am using the Windows version of Evernote. As for the "Subject" field, I have had the same experience as others. There are dates (identical to dates of creation) that appear in that field in a few of my older notes. I assume they must have been generated automatically. It would be great if we could use that field for some data of our choice (such as the date of publication for publications we are listing).
  2. Thanks. I will pursue this.
  3. Though I was an early user of Evernote, I've rather neglected it in recent years, and that makes me feel like a novice when I'm trying to investigate its possibilities. One particular question is on my mind right now: I wish someone would explain to me the various ways of sorting notes. I usually sort by note titles, but I am wondering if any of the other fields can be modified. I ask because I am compiling a long list of newspaper articles and would like occasionally to sort them by date. I realize that I can place the date at the beginning of the note title, but then I would lose the ability to sort by the real titles of the articles. Would it be possible for me to insert a date in, for example, the "Subject" field? If so, how would I do that?
  4. I've just tried manually selecting the link before right-clicking it, and I'm afraid that doesn't change the behavior. But after doing some further tests, I find that the problem is more complicated than I thought. Sometimes in a single note, I can edit one link but not a second link. Is no one else reporting this?
  5. Very odd. I checked a note that I created this morning, and all is well there. The same is true with a new test note. But the problem shows up on older notes (I assume all notes created before my latest upgrade). In these older notes, when I right-click on a link, I get the usual menu (Edit, Copy, Remove), but all of those choices are nonfunctional. Absolutely nothing happens when I click Edit, Copy, or Remove. I am using EN Windows, which seems to be the latest release.
  6. I'm not sure whether anyone has mentioned this before, but there seems to be a problem in editing links in the latest Windows version of EN. When I right-click on an embedded link, I get a menu of three choices: Edit, Copy, and Remove. None of them works now.
  7. It's also possible to transfer Evernote data to OneNote by using the import menu in OneNote Batch: http://www.onenotegem.com/onenote-batch.html It worked smoothly for me, though I found myself doing a certain amount of reformatting after the transfer. But no data lost, as far as I could tell.
  8. Thanks for this suggestion. I will pursue it. But I wonder if there is perhaps a menu command that also shifts the position of the notes list? If not, it's a serious oversight. Generally I like to have the list at the top, because I often have a browser open on the other part of the screen; but occasionally I expand Evernote to fill the full screen, and in that case it's much more sensible to have the notes list off to the left.
  9. I bought a Surface Pro 3 last October and have struggled with Evernote syncing problems since then. Last evening, when I installed the latest version of Evernote, it finally synced fully with my desktop machine -- after months of frustration. But now I've noticed a relatively trivial issue connected with Windows 8.1. For a long time, I have depended heavily on the keyboard shortcut control-shift-F5 to move the list of notes back and forth between the left side of the screen and the top. Unfortunately when I use it now, that keystroke combination calls up a Windows search box. Is there any way of resolving this problem -- perhaps by changing the shortcut in either Evernote or Windows 8.1?
  10. I have a somewhat different syncing problem that has been going on more than a month now. When I bought a new Surface Pro 3 in late October, I installed Evernote (I have been a premium user for a number of years and have more than 20,000 notes) and found that it repeatedly crashed after syncing just a few hundred notes. I cleaned out AppData files, reinstalled many times, etc., etc., but nothing worked. I got in touch with Evernote support on the 28th of October and since then have had a few sporadic emails from them, but no one has yet offered me a viable solution. So I am reluctantly adding to the chorus of voices heard elsewhere on this forum about Evernote's increasingly mediocre reliability and support. I am in the middle of a big scholarly project that has almost come to a stop since October, and just a few days ago, in desperation, I transferred all the material over to OneNote. (I chose OneNote mainly because I needed good collaborative features.) For the moment, I'm still undecided about all the other data I have stored in Evernote, which is wonderfully useful program but not of much use to me if it doesn't work on my second computer.
  11. I submitted the log file with my support request. I glanced through it briefly, but I was really out of my depth. (I'm just a writer -- only mildly nerdy.) Patnpm's comment is rather alarming. It suggests that others are having the same problem on one of the hottest-selling laptop/tablets on the market, and Evernote, in its usual style, is maintaining a stony silence. I'm looking at Onenote too, but the thought of shifting all those notes from one program to another is daunting.
  12. I bought a Surface Pro 3 last week and have been struggling ever since to make Evernote ( work on it. It simply won't sync. It collapses repeatedly during the syncing, and eventually freezes. I've never been able to get beyond a few hundred notes synced from my desktop machine. I investigated the solution(s) mentioned by gazumped above, without success. I signed in and out. I cleaned out the Evernote files in the appdata folder. I reinstalled Evernote repeatedly. Nothing seems to solve the problem. I sent in a report to Evernote yesterday and have so far received only an automated reply from them. I am an extremely heavy user of Evernote. Because all of my notes for a book in progress are stored in it, this means I can't go off to a library right now without trying to resurrect my old laptop. I'm aware that there have been various syncing problems with the current version, but I wonder if anyone has had this experience with a Surface Pro 3 in particular.
  13. A very belated comment. I used to print groups of notes to CutePDF from Evernote, but now (October 2014) Evernote does not recognize CutePDF as a printer. Are others having the same experience?
  14. I've finally found a solution to the problem I mentioned earlier -- that the color backgrounds of my notes turn back to white when I edit the notes on my iPhone or iPad. Here's a very clear explanation of how to introduce a stable color background by using an online editor: http://www.intowindows.com/how-to-change-evernote-background-color-or-image/ I've been experimenting with it, and as far as I can see so far, the background is completely stable -- i.e. it doesn't evaporate when you modify the note on an iOS device.
  15. GrumpyMonkey, thanks for the suggestion. I have two questions for you: Could you please give me more detailed instructions on how to import one of your templates into one of my notebooks? Do I do that by "joining" your public notebook and then copying the appropriate note to one of my own notebooks? And would you be willing to modify your pale yellow template? It's not quite pale enough for my tastes. You can see a sample of the color I have been using here. https://www.evernote.com/pub/wsp/astreet
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