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  1. I have a small question about tables. I've done some experiments with them, because I want to provide a non-white background to my text notes. I created a single-cell table with a satisfactory color in Word, pasted it into Evernote, and did some minor tweaking. At that point I had a pleasant-looking table that I could add to the list of standard templates. But then I discovered there was a serious problem with resizing the tables. If I make the table fairly narrow, it looks good on my phone but rather awkward on my computer screen; if I make the table wider, then it works better on my computer than on my phone (where text starts to run off the right edge of the screen). I gather that the tables created in Evernote do not automatically enlarge or contract according to the size of the screen. I'm under the impression that this question may have been discussed before on this forum. Has anyone come up with a solution?
  2. I've been using Georgia as my standard font in Evernote for many years: does this mean that I will now be forced to shift over to a no-name serif font selected by Evernote designers? If so, I would find it very difficult to live with that decision. Why not give us a choice of just a handful of serif fonts?
  3. wsp

    sorting by date

    Thanks for all the various suggestions and ideas -- very useful.
  4. wsp

    sorting by date

    I agree that it's inelegant (many things seem to be in Evernote), but it works for me. I just wish EN would allow me to create a new date field.
  5. wsp

    sorting by date

    I'm not tempted to use a spreadsheet for this data, because Evernote allows me to insert images (with OCR, no less) of dust-jackets and other visual aspects of the books, and of course I also depend very heavily on EN's tags.
  6. wsp

    sorting by date

    I see a "Subject" column on my screen but no "Subject date." I wonder if this is because the Windows and Mac versions have slightly different fields?
  7. wsp

    sorting by date

    Thanks. Just a few minutes ago I discovered how to do this. Now I will have to brood over the question of whether I will be losing any essential information by modifying the creation date.
  8. Is there a straightforward way of organizing by date in Evernote? I'm creating a large bibliography and need to be able to move frequently back and forth between sorting by author's name (which I can easily do when sorting on Title) and by date of publication. I've experimented with putting the date at the beginning of the title line (e.g. "2009-10-28 — [surname] — [abbreviated title]"), and that works well enough, but it means that I can no longer sort by author's name. (And it looks a bit clunky.) I wonder if it would be possible to modify the date in the "Created" column for this purpose? I sometimes need to identify the most recently modified ("Updated") notes, but I almost never need to sort them by date of creation. Hence the loss of the creation date wouldn't particularly bother me. However, I'm not sure that any of the attributes such as Updated and Created can even be modified. Can they? I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.
  9. In response to jefito's earlier question: yes, I am using the Windows version of Evernote. As for the "Subject" field, I have had the same experience as others. There are dates (identical to dates of creation) that appear in that field in a few of my older notes. I assume they must have been generated automatically. It would be great if we could use that field for some data of our choice (such as the date of publication for publications we are listing).
  10. Thanks. I will pursue this.
  11. Though I was an early user of Evernote, I've rather neglected it in recent years, and that makes me feel like a novice when I'm trying to investigate its possibilities. One particular question is on my mind right now: I wish someone would explain to me the various ways of sorting notes. I usually sort by note titles, but I am wondering if any of the other fields can be modified. I ask because I am compiling a long list of newspaper articles and would like occasionally to sort them by date. I realize that I can place the date at the beginning of the note title, but then I would lose the ability to sort by the real titles of the articles. Would it be possible for me to insert a date in, for example, the "Subject" field? If so, how would I do that?
  12. I've just tried manually selecting the link before right-clicking it, and I'm afraid that doesn't change the behavior. But after doing some further tests, I find that the problem is more complicated than I thought. Sometimes in a single note, I can edit one link but not a second link. Is no one else reporting this?
  13. Very odd. I checked a note that I created this morning, and all is well there. The same is true with a new test note. But the problem shows up on older notes (I assume all notes created before my latest upgrade). In these older notes, when I right-click on a link, I get the usual menu (Edit, Copy, Remove), but all of those choices are nonfunctional. Absolutely nothing happens when I click Edit, Copy, or Remove. I am using EN Windows, which seems to be the latest release.
  14. I'm not sure whether anyone has mentioned this before, but there seems to be a problem in editing links in the latest Windows version of EN. When I right-click on an embedded link, I get a menu of three choices: Edit, Copy, and Remove. None of them works now.
  15. It's also possible to transfer Evernote data to OneNote by using the import menu in OneNote Batch: http://www.onenotegem.com/onenote-batch.html It worked smoothly for me, though I found myself doing a certain amount of reformatting after the transfer. But no data lost, as far as I could tell.
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