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  1. Hi, (I think there are some problems on the web today as Dengberg's posts are appearing as written by Engberg....(Where did the "D" go???) There is still a big difference between the behavior in the Windows desktop EN and the Web EN... -Web allows multi selection tag (which is a plus in my opinion), Windows restricts multi selection (quite useless even as intersection) -The any: problem is not solved. The same saved search will work on the Desktop but not correctly on the Web. These two points are crucial. Best regards Tom
  2. Tags.... In short, they are a way to classify below several related (or absolutely unrelated) concepts. Example. In a Home (or Personal) Notebook I have an expense cause I bought an Ipod to my daughter Lorena Note Title: Gift Loly Content: "I bought Ipod (num of serie:, etc.) cost: 200.-" Tags: Ipod, Expense, Lorena I then remember the store where I bought it (just in case I need to send it because of a failure) I make another note: Title: Store XXX (the name) Contents: The store where I bought the Ipod was ......adress, phone or web clip of the store). It's Michael Cane who sold it to me, good fellow, big n fat, 60's" Tags: Ipod, Lorena, (eventually a tag called "Where" that could relate to adresses I want to keep, name of store maybe) OH LORD, I have a problem, the IPOD is not working, I make a new note Title: Ipod's failure Contents: It seems to me the battery won't charge (or discharge too quickly). Tags: Ipod, Problems I bring the Ipod to the store, they give me a receipt for the Ipod in technical service Title: Ipod's repair Content: the picture of the paper they gave me with the order of technical service Tag: Ipod, Problems, Receipt (I tend to separate Receipt from expenses!!) They call me to say it will be free of charge and will be ready in one week I make a to-do note (not using the built-in todo that is not yet usable in my opinion) Title: Ipod ready Contents: Ipod will be ready on xx-xx-xxxx Tag:Ipod, Problems, TO_DO (yes, I like to have a tag called To_do while the to-do feature of EN is in work) That would be all for the Ipod...... If it works ok, need no note. If it doesn't, I would keep making notes until they change the Ipod (garantee) etc,,, And as I have "Problems" as a tag, I can use it if I have a problem with my car, the vet, the kitchen.... I can tag also my expenses in each of the mentionned, and keep my receipt and my expenses. I can even make a poem about the Problems I have with my wife, (I'd create a tag with her name...) Tags are of use because it is very likely I would never gather all the desired info just by searching. I could search by "ipod", true....but what if I did not write that word in the title or the note? What if the Recognition of the image of the receipts doesn't work or does not say Ipod but "Product Num:1123-111". By tagging, I am sure of the recovery of all my relevant info. I can get Lorena's results of school, her medical history, and whatever.... I can recall every item I bought to the store I got my expenses and (or) their related receipts. This is the simplest use of tags, just as illustration. Thinkf of them now in your work, what is relate to what, by how many relations...etc... Good luck Tom
  3. Dear Iafanasyev, I would like to know when we will have the syntax list we can use in our written search. I think I read a post of yours, some time ago, where you said it was going to be published. That would be quite helpful. And I would like to know if I have to go on with my "battle" about the "any:" and the "*" in the Windows and Web version... I received the news of the upgrades yesterday, but still see that both problems are there. (By the way, I'll be unable to follow that battle on the Iphone as I am a 1.1.4 cracked (yes, cracked!!!) Iphone and will have to wait for the version 2 install... 8) ) If I may suggest something, it would be to make the windows LIKE the web (with the all/any) field, and with the multiple selection available. The windows version is just too restrictive and simply cannot be used... (by me, obviously) in real world use. Best regards Tom
  4. I think we could perhaps wait until the EN team decides the final appearence and meaning of tags on the different platforms. I would not suggest any wish beyond having things work with no errors, with the same functionality, on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Web) - decision on tag multiselection - saved search working the same (any: is not yet corrected) - written search working as saved search (not the case actually) While this is not taken as priority, EN should not modify anything else. On one point I am sure: First multi selection must be provided and only then begin to think on intersection. Just a matter of logic. I am avoiding mentionning the mobile and Iphone as these might show differences due to different UI design) Tom
  5. Iafanasyiev says: I'd agree with him normally but the problem is more subtle... It only works to show me the possible intersections all right. But what if I want to select three tags of that notebook (intersecting some, others no)? I cannot!!!! As soon as I select ONE tag, it shows ONLY the intersecting...and I want to see my Information signalled by the three tags (General, Important, ToRead for instance)... No way! The Web will not show the intersection, but will allow me to multi select. (And that is what we need more often!!!) Please do the following. Use both the window and the web system at the same time (it is possible). And try to recreate the same situation in both...you will see the impossibilitites (and thus incongruency). It makes no sense to build such an intersecting restriction in Windows upon selecting tags... too restrictive (and very frustrating for the user). You should find another way (like the intersection panel in EN2). Not because it is not useful, simply because we don't want to see a specialized tool in what we think is just a selecting tool (the tag multiclick)!!! I don't think the EN team wants to oblige us to do some work on the windows system, and some other on the web.... So what do we do??? This is not negative thinking, it is a serious problem that has to be solved some way as there is no way, for the moment, to work well (adequately) on neither system as each one has its pro's and con's.... RESUME: There IS a difference between multiselection and intersection... and it should be the user who decides which of the two he wants to perform at any given time. Best regards Tom
  6. Dear Iafanasyev You touched an important point here stating: In Windows, they are greyed and we don't have multiple selection. But the searches work best In the Web, they are NOT greyed, we have multiple selection, and the saved seaches are problematic (the infamous any: or any:*) In the Mac, I don't know...(don't have one) Your advise on the windows greying is of no use on the web. So what if we have to work more on the web than on Windows (because of obligation or so). If they are greyed (thru a function), why cannot the be simple not shown.... But they will on the web anyway. Using a notebook, using tags, using saved searches are the core of EN3. The problem is, in which platform should we work? While Web and Desktop (Mac or Windows) are dissimilar, we are in trouble. So I think the relevant point is now to know when we will be able to work the same independently of the platform? Best regards Tom
  7. You have to use the "" "things to do" will work. Tom
  8. Dear all, First, good job on both platforms, they do work better, faster and are more eye-appealing. (Again thanks to iafanasyev for the printing template, that is simply neat!) But I am still troubled by the Web and Windows not working the same way. Defect in Windows: The impossibility to multiselect tags in an OR fashion like the web does. (In Windows it is an AND restrictive multipleselection only),in other words the lack of the and/any selection field that is present in the WEB version. Defect in WEB: The misunderstanding of saved searches containing an "any:" token (thus adding it at the end of a query in the blue automatic "Showing...." part. The addition (weird) of an * after some words leading to uncorrect results. And another thing related to the above to show misbehaviors I think (not sure) I put a test for you to try in a thread but cannot find it. So I'll put it here: Purpose of the test is to find occurences of a pair of words "thing sense", with/without separator, in singular or plural. Awaited outcome: 4 of the 5 notes are to be found correctly CREATE 5 NOTES IN THE DATABASE as follow (don't put the numbers): 1) A philosopher's thinking about the real and thing-sense. 2) A philosopher's thinking about the real and thing sense. 3) A philosopher's thinking about the real and things-sense. 4) A philosopher's thinking about the real and things sense. 5) Reality and things that might have a given sense. ----------this last note should never be found as no pair exist. CREATE A SAVED SEARCH IN WINDOWS WRITING IN THE SEARCH FIELD (name it as you wish): any: "thing sense" "thing-sense" "things sense" "things-sense" TRY clicking the saved search in windows and in the WEB Windows will be OK Web will find the 5 instead of the 4. (And you will see the weird any: and the * I am mentionning in the blue SHOWING.... in two of the searched pairs) Worse: IF YOU LOOK into the SEARCH field above on the right of the web system, you will see that the same pairs that have the * added are missing the "" that was written in the windows field while creating the search (as the sentence shows in the paragraph above, each pair (the 4 of them) is surrounded by "" as insisted by Iafanasyev had mentionned as correct syntax) I suggest you copy and paste the notes and the saved search from above to be sure of the test. Best regards Tom
  9. When I say in my last post it should read But it is true that the "Tag paradigm" has been hard to understand for users in EN2 BECAUSE the STRICT FOLDER PARADIGM has been imposed to us by Apple and by Windows..... Sorry :?
  10. Hi, I must reckon I am a Tag hierarchy lover. (just to mention my personal position) But even if I were not, I am completely disagreeing with Dengberg (and EN3) view of Notebooks/tags. If you have EN 2, where only tags exists, you had the freedom of organizing them also into "Work", "Home", "Photo stuff", "Leisure", whatever. The grace of the tagging in EN2 was that you had a true parent-child relationship and thus could select "Work", and have only these notes selected, in every subfolder. On top of that, you were able to unselect any of the subtags, add some from other part of the hierarchy, use a search on top of the selection etc... So you had on one side the posibility of having your "traditional" organization (with Parent collapsible tags), and a freedom never seen in any system. All that with no limits, beeing able to copy a tag from one parent to another, etc... And the whole system was non restrictive, and coherent as any. I understand that people might like to have a more rigid structure (with the notebooks) to help them organize or keep things separate. But this is, in fact, restrictive, and in my view, obeys to the fact that the "true" tag hierarchy existing in EN2 has been eliminated in EN3. You do not have a real Parent-child relationship in EN3. The hierarchy is esthetical only. If you create a "Parent-like" tag, and put some subfolders beneath it, selecting the parent is like selecting any other tag in a flat tree...it will only give you the notes with THAT tag, not the possibility of having the subtags selected aswell, etc. The copying of tags has been eliminated, the tag organization is not notebook dependent (which would help you organize everything even better). In fact, no matter what notebook you are working at, you always see the whole tag list....which is weird as we could ask ourselves why a notebook "Work" still shows all the tags of "Home" or "photostuff"...or "Anatomy" So I feel the decision might be stated as a benefit for some users, but I see it as a restriction. And obviously, it is easier to program, and probably easier to transport on more restrictive platforms as Mobile, for instance. But it is true that the "Tag paradigm" has been hard to understand for users in EN2 BECAUSE it has been imposed to us by Apple and by Windows, but once understood, there is nothing that can compare to it. And we all felt quite frustrated with the new EN3 Notebook paradigm and the supression of the most powerfull feature of EN2, namely the true hierarchic organization of tags. When Dengberg says about the tagging: "it gives more logical flexibility (but less inherent structure)" he states a very good point. It is effectively much more powerful than any other, and more "human-like" in its logic. And it has not, in my opinion, less inherent structure. It is a tree-like structure like any other one, except that it is better implemented and goes deeper in the structure. In fact, tags are just keywords.... no wonder at all. They exist since the early days of database management (Dbase II) in Apple II systems in the 1978??? The great idea was to give them a structure, and a highly functional one. The idea of the tree in EN2 is simply wonderful (and a Copernical revolution). And more important, it is more like we, humans, think. In folders, it is the machine (and the programmer) who obliges you to be organized. With tags, it is YOU who decide, change your mind, reorganize, as YOU wish and based on YOUR particular way (or structure) of thinking. I hope that, with the progress of the different OS, someday we will see this amazing functionality back. it is power, creativity, simplicity at hand and at work. Just my point of view, Regards Tom
  11. Hi THE GOOD: I have a saved search created in the DESKTOP Windows version that is the following: any: "thing sense" "thing-sense" "things sense" "things-sense" On my Iphone, upon clicking on that saved search i get CORRECTLY (in the upper green automatically filled field) 5 notes in all notebooks that contain words any: "thing sense" "thing-sense" "things sense" "things-sense" (Note: no comas appear as separator) in the white search field, the whole query appears all right (automatically put by EN, no comas as normal) THE LESS GOOD On the other hand, I have a Saved Search, also created in the Desktop Windows version that reads: any: tag:"To read" tag:"General" i get the note with both tags all right but the green field reads: 1 notes in all notebooks tagged To read, General and that contain words any: (Note: containing the word any:????) (Note: in this case, there IS a coma separating the tags (that is not put by me) PLUS in the white search field, the word any: appears written (not by me, and nothing else but the word any:) THE BAD IF I write the query myself in the Search field (not clicking on the saved search and having reset the whole thing) I write: any: tag:"To read" tag:"General" i get 0 notes and the green field reads: 0 notes in all notebooks tagged To read, General and that contain words any:* (note the * after any:) PLUS in the white search field, the word any:* appears written (not by me) and note the * present also) Hope it helps to fine tune the Iphone interpretation and translation of the saved searches Tom
  12. Datastorage definitely not. But as a minimum, the same ability as found in EN2. Our most important memories are deep into lots of our work or personal desktop or laptop. If it is a Web only NOTE System, it will be of little use. This is so obvious! Tom
  13. You are right. But it should be, in my opinion, established that "" should be used... Lots of us are coming from EN 2 where tags could be multi worded, so it is "natural" for us to tag without "" I know that (in the case of tag:To read") i can even write tag:to it will work BUT NOT ON ALL PLATFORMS!!!! Try it on Windows, Web, Iphone.... you'll see. NOW SECOND PROBLEM: the famous (infamous) any: reserved word.... On desktop, I am obliged to write it in the search field and save the search On web, that saved search will not work as it takes the word any: as a simple WORD (and no more as reserved word) On Iphone, same thing and worse, it will even write it followed by an asterisk any:* So any: searches are not working correctly between platforms!!!! (saved search) It is tremendously frustrating, and I wrote about this since beginning of april!!! And last but not least.... as in windows multi selecting tags by clicking makes an AND.... and windows works giving the choice between AND and OR (with the button All/Any), the only way to make an any: search is to WRITE it and save the search, which leads us directly BACK INTO THE PROBLEM (upper is not shouting, just to emphasize). This should be fixed as soon as possible, you already are having bad evaluations on the web because of the differences between platforms (ask for last two months, you'll see some). Best regards Tom
  14. Dear Iafanasyiev, If the correct syntax is "to read" (with ""), I suggest you correct the help File in Advanced Search Syntax (Desktop) as the examples are figuring WITHOUT the "", except one. chicken tag:cooking created:year tag:cooking -tag:mexican beef -carrots notebook:Travel intitle:"San Francisco" (this one does??) any: "San Francisco" tag:SFO resource:image/* latitude:37 -latitude:38 longitude:-122.5 -longitude:-122 -tag:* resource:audio/* updated:week-1 Best regards Tom
  15. I am experiencing two situations with the Iphone for several days (2-3? couldn't precise) 1) Need to login TWICE. After signing in with my user and password, I get the same screen a second time, need to reenter the data, and only then I am able to get to my notes. 2) With a note (text plus two images a little larger than the screen, able to scroll with two fingers ok), on closing the note after a search and looking into the notes, suddenly a window will appear from right to left (text shows something like "Oooouuups our server....") and shuts down the aplication. I put this here as I cannot send a feedback from the Iphone. Tom
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