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  1. Dizzy say:"when you have a great number of tags it is becoming very tricky to add one to the note using "Note Operations" drop down. The note list just do not fit the screen and the last tags in the list become unaccessible" Yes, this is a request that has been posted. At least keep the tag organization (tree) or the order of the tree instead of a alphabetical list of tags (very weird when you have some clarity about the way you organized your tags). It is to mention that some people have 800-900 tags, and one mentionned more than 2,000 tags. Personally, in my small database (I consider it a small one!), I am above 105 tags only in Work category. And it is not much if you wish to have Work and Home kind of data in the same database (plus photos, travel plans, ideas, tips n tricks, restaurants, leisure, expenses,....) Another very desirable thing is to find a better way in Mobile than to "remember" a tag and write it.... (with 800-900 tags, might be hard!) Tom
  2. Dear Beagley, About the sync problem, you will always loose something if you are unable to sync the last change...then go on working on another machine, then sync again. I don't see a way the responsible of the sync (the system responsible I mean) could check what to keep. It does not work as an incremental sync process. How could he check and know about all of your machines? And besides, you might have added something to a note on the Mac, deleted then added something on the pc, added again something to the mac (but where is the pc data if not sync'd ?) and so forth. Even if it was possible, I would not recommend this kind of working, it might get you in trouble. About the Word processing... The main goal of something like EN is database. You can of course add some facilities for writing as existing on the EN 2.2.1 version. That would be nice indeed. But the main reason of existence of EN is clipping, notetaking, organizing, sharing. On the good side, I do use EN to write a lot of notes that will eventually go in my final work. But I would never use EN as Word processor as it lacks too much of what makes a good word processor (which is an entirely different kind of aplication). I strongly encourage the notetaking, it is wonderful as an aid. You might keep some ideas to develop, some paragraphs you may want to add, some quotations and your impressions or coments or criticism. And keep that organized for a long run book writing. To be able to recall that info when needed, get back an old quote you had forgotten etc... is the beauty of EN. But it is, and probably will remain, a database. The cost to add so many features you would desire in a word processor is too high and not productive (as Word processors exist!). And I don't think long notes are helpful. I do prefer (but it is my way of working) to have smaller notes, and lots of them. My clippings sometimes are bigger (article I need to read for instance). But generally, these articles are mostly kept on my disk and I refer to them in EN with a small note and the link (mostly because I use another system to "question" my data and make deep searching.) As EN Beta 3 seem to have problems with the local links it would not be helful now. (EN 2.2.1 would). Perhaps later. But I don't think of EN as Word processor anyway. Hope it helps Tom
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